Thursday, March 1, 2012

Morning Glories, Pink Kitchens, and Pinterest

One of my new passions (and distractions) is Pinterest. Some people call it a virtual scrapbooking site—others say to think of it as virtual pin board. I sort of think of it as somewhere in between. In any case I love it. A new statistic suggests that I’m not the only one: it just reached 11.7 million unique users.
As you go around the web, reading websites or blogs and if you see a picture of something you like, you can pin it to your board on Pinterest. I think a lot of people are using it to keep track of things they like and want to get back to "someday." But it can be a mine of creativity for writers, artists, and other creatives.
One of my boards is titled Scrapbook of Secrets: Where I mess about with the things from my first novel. Some of the items I have pinned are morning glories, Beatrice’s house, and Annie’s pink kitchen. Another fun thing I added is what actors I would cast in parts for a Scrapbook of Secrets movie. Now, this all came after the creation of my book—so it was really just a fun exercise for me. If you'd like to visit, click here.
But some writers are using it for inspiration—or a board to help them out during the writing process. Therese Walsh, for example, has a board that she calls “The Next Book, visual inspirations linked with my work-in-progress.” It’s just beautiful.
Emilie Richards, author of countless wonderful novels that have quilts in them (including my favorite Shenandoah Album series) has a quilt board —among other things that are fun and inspiring.
Historical romance author Emery Lee has a board called “Historical Costumes,“ which is so fascinating to peruse.
Pinterest opens up a whole new of way communicating with our readers. I think of it as just another one of those social media elements to use (or not) that helps reach out to readers. We all have to pick and choose which ones work for us—or not. I can’t get into Google + for example, and I’m not going to sweat it. But Pinterest, I love. I’ve even heard of people having parties for their characters on Pinterest. I’m not sure how that would work—but you know me, I’m always ready for a party, providing that I can wear my red shoes, of course.
Have you explored Pinterest? What do you think?


Suzanne said...

I am completely addicted to Pinterest. I am primarily using it to get ideas for a house renovation. But, I just love hearing how people are using it in other ways. Brilliant idea to pin images for your next book project. (I might have to steal that one.)

Mollie Cox Bryan said...

What a great use of Pinterest! I think there are a lot of designers on Pinterest showcasing their talents--why not writers? Cheers!

Monica Ferris said...

I think I am going to have to take a look at Pinterest. Thanks for letting us know about it.

Mollie Cox Bryan said...

I hope you like it, Monica. Warning: you can get sucked in for hours and hours!

Linda O. Johnston said...

So that's what Pinterest is! I've been invited to join it but didn't know what it was about. Sounds as if it could be fun but time-consuming--as everything else is on the Web!

AML said...

This gives me another new hooby to get in touch with the Pinterest. I learn ideas on ow to renovate our home. thanks a lot.

Betty Hechtman said...

So that's what Pinterest is. I like doing something similar with with poster board and pictures I cut out.

Chrystle Fiedler said...

I love this post Mollie! I love the idea of an inspiration board for my next book. I've done it the low tech way but this sounds like much more fun! Thanks for this very helpful info! Chrystle