Saturday, March 31, 2012

Rose Flower Power!

Roses are my favorite flowers. I have 6 bushes in the garden at the side of my house. One is already 7 feet tall! This tip from Willow McQuade, ND, the protagonist in my natural remedies series appears in Scent to Kill, the sequel to Death Drops. It's all about the power of roses. Enjoy!

Dr. Willow McQuade’s Healthy Living Tips

I always stop and smell the roses by the front walk in front of Nature’s Way Market and CafĂ©. I love the rich, sweet floral bouquet and the approximately 275 compounds that have a myriad of therapeutic uses. For example, if you if you apply it topically, rose oil can help banish eczema, wrinkles and acne. If you feel blue, rose essential oil will lift your mood naturally. If you have painful periods it helps to balance hormones (just put the oil on a warm compress and apply to your lower abdomen). Rose oil also eases nervousness, anxiety, anger, sadness and grief or if you have respiratory problems such as allergies, and hay fever. You also use rose oil to help you sleep better and feel happier. For all these conditions, simply, put some on your palm and inhale it or put rose essential oil into a diffuser. Your bedroom will smell like an English garden.

Note: Do Not Take Internally.

Yours Naturally,

Dr. McQuade

What is your favorite flower?

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Linda O. Johnston said...

Roses are lovely, Chrystle, but I've always liked daisies best. Don't know why.

Mollie Cox Bryan said...

I love tulips! But my daughter loves roses and we bought her a rose bush for her 5th birthday. She's now almost 11 and we watch for its blooms every year.

Liz said...

Truly, I'm a changeling. How else could a family of avid gardeners have engendered such a black thumb?

My best memory of flowers, as I was growing up, is red and white rose bushes covering the entire wall of the garage. My mother and I filled the car with blossoms to take to the cemetery on Memorial Day, then in honor of the fallen of another civil war.

Chrystle Fiedler said...

The tallest bush that I have and I got from Jackson & Perkins looks like it is going to have dozens of blooms! Last year it was blooming into November! Thanks for stopping by!

Chrystle Fiedler said...

Mollie - that is so sweet that you bought a rose bush for your daughter. What a wonderful thing to look forward to each year!