Thursday, April 26, 2012

Girlfriend's Secret Scrapbook Crop

Last Sunday, some friends and I got together and had a crop. We called it the “Girlfriend’s Secret Scrapbook Crop.” The idea was that we were hiding out from our families for some much needed girlfriend and scrapbooking time. We, of course, had a blast.
I gave a little workshop about journaling. I read a little of my book and it lead us into the discussion about the  legacy of the “papers” we all have and how we should begin to take control of them. One great way to do that is with scrapbooking, of course. And I always say that the scrapbooks about our kids will definitely be appreciated someday. But, just imagine if we left behind a book about ourselves for them? I know I have several scrapbooks of my grandmother’s. Beautiful scrapbooks. What I wouldn’t give to know what was really going on in the photos—or better yet, what was she thinking and feeling when those photos were snapped?
Yet, it’s so hard for women—especially mothers—to set aside time and journal and scrapbook about themselves. If we are lucky, we have the time to do it about our kids. I heard that loud and clear on Sunday. But I also heard one woman say: “I really want to do that for myself—you know the scrapbook about myself.”
So next time we gather, several of us are going to start scrapping about ourselves with the Smash books. (I already posted about these groovy books a few weeks ago.) Not all of us. A crop is usually for folks to gather and work on whatever they need to. So we won’t be insisting people bring a certain book or work on a certain project.  I’ll be sharing some of our thoughts and progress as we roll along.
Do you ever get together with your friends and craft?


Betty Hechtman said...

I belong to a knit and crochet group, but I more than the knitting or crocheting, I like getting together with them.

Chrystle Fiedler said...

This sounds like so much fun Mollie! I took a pottery class once years ago and it was really enjoyable to create in a group. Chrystle