Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Little Blog Lovin'

Are there certain blogs you follow? (Besides this one, I mean, of course.) I follow many writing and publishing industry blogs. But I also follow some scrapbooking and design blogs and I thought I’d share them some of them here and tell you what I love about them.

Pretty Paper. True Stories. (And Scrapbooking Classes with Cupcakes.) (Best blog title ever, heh?)   
This is Shimelle Laine’s blog and I think she’s fantastic. She gives great tips and giveaways, rallies the community with her 10 Things monthly feature, and the blog is full of personality. I’ve watched a few of her tutorials and they are presented in a clear and concise manner, with her lovely British accent. And I truly LOVE her passion for scrapbooking and her unique design eye.

Scrapworthy Lives: Because Your Life is Worth Scrapbooking.
Stephanie Medley-Rath is the writer of this new blog. It’s a fascinating blog that not only incorporates what you’d expect from a scrapping blog, like layouts and photos and so on. But is also takes a look at the sociological aspects to the hobby—norms, meanings of it, and even deviance. She’s written a dissertation on scrapbooking and you can read a lot of it on her blog—and you can also download it on her site.  The site is thoughtful, intelligent and fascinating.

Write. Click. Scrapbook. Where Simple is Stunning. . This is an elegant, very-easy-to-find-your-way-around blog. They have a team of writers that strike a nice balance between the whimsical and the very useful. Wonderful ideas and giveaways and just lovely aesthetics. One of the things I like about group blogs is the way you get a feel for many different scrapbooks styles. This blog is a keeper whether you are a beginner or an advanced scrapbooker.

A Beautiful Mess is not a scrapbooking blog. But it’s a lifestyle/craft blog that I visit frequently for inspiration and boy, does it inspire. Here’s where you will find it:  Along with sections on crafts and recipes, there is one of the best photography-advice blog sections I’ve ever seen. Really informative and written concisely.

Another crafty-lifestyle blog I follow is Soule Mama  at
I love to look at her gorgeous photos and read about her daily life, but my favorite part of the blog is her tutorial section. You can find recipes, and knitting and sewing patterns. The writer of this blog is Amanda Blake Soule and she has several books available—I’m betting they are good.Another inspiring blog for me.

 I have a lot of other favorite blogs. (Too many!) I thought I’d just give you a sample to try out and see if you like them. We can all use a little inspiration from time to time.  I’ll be updating you every once in awhile on more of my favorites. But while we are at it, what are some of the blogs you follow?


Linda O. Johnston said...

Those sound like fun blogs, Mollie. I'll have to try them out. You won't be surprised to learn that the blogs I follow other than ours and other writers' usually involve pets!

Mollie Cox Bryan said...

Ah-ha! Not surprised at all, Linda!