Tuesday, September 4, 2012


My favorite riddle:  How do you make this Place fit for a queen?

The most amazing, wonderful thing happened to me last Thursday:  I got a hole in one!  It was on the last hole of the par-three, nine-hole course I play on with the Putters League, and the last game of the season.  I wasn’t playing all that well – I’d scored a five on the previous hole, and the hole before that – so I wasn’t expecting anything special.  I set myself, addressed the ball, tried to focus, and swung.  It arced out beautifully, straight down the fairway, bounced, bounced again, rolled onto the green and into the hole, 112 yards away.  I just stood there, staring at it.  Did that really just happen?  Sandy, another member of my team, came racing up to me, screaming, to throw her arms around me in a big hug.  Bonnie, the third member, said, “What happened?  What happened?”   She hadn’t seen it.  Following tradition, I bought them each a beer in the clubhouse.  I didn’t stop smiling for two days.  Golfers have played for years without getting a hole in one; I did it in less than three years.  It was a weird fluke, I will very likely never do it again.  I played again yesterday, badly, and scored a four on that hole. 

I saved the ball, of course, but have discovered that a nice holder for it costs around a hundred dollars!  So I’ve asked a woodworker in my building to cut me out a thick numeral one, with a hole drilled in it big enough to hold the ball.  Then I’ll take it to a store called Things Remembered and they’ll attach a little plaque with my initials and the date on it.  Cost: less than thirty dollars.

I think Godwin is going to get a hole in one – annoying Rafael, who is a much better and more experienced player, and who has never gotten one, very much.

Answer to the riddle:  Put an a after the p


Beadknitter said...

Wow! That is AWESOME! Congratulations Monica.

Linda O. Johnston said...

What a wonderful achievement. Congrats, Monica!

Betty Hechtman said...

Congras on the hole in one! What a nice idea to save the ball and make something special out of it.