Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Keeping in Shape

The man who made it doesn't want it. The man who bought it doesn't need it. The man who gets it doesn't know it. What is it? 

There are hints of color in a few of the trees in my neighborhood – but the ground is covered with leaves.  Our very hot July and now a lack of rain has stressed them into dropping their leaves without first showing the bright colors of fall.  It’s going to be a disappointing autumn.

And Then You Dye is the manuscript that won’t go to bed.  I got yet a few more inquiries about it!  It’s amusing and a little scary.  But they’re taken care of, and I can really start to focus on Watered Silk.

Hint for the riddle: It’s an appropriate riddle for a mystery blog.

Writing is mostly a sedentary occupation.  You put your bottom in a chair and type for hours.  If you’re wise, you pause every hour or so and stand or walk around a little.  If you’re like me, when the story gets roaring and rushing, you can go for hours without realizing the passage of time.  Between this and snacking, you can get fat and flabby.  I have adhered to a schedule of three early-morning water aerobics sessions a week, plus a stretching exercise one morning a week, plus golf once a week.  This is barely enough and I should do more: walking (maybe I should get a dog – but our winters are very harsh and who wants to go outdoor twice a day into bitter cold?), yoga, tai chi, something.  What do you fellow writers do to stay in shape?

One more thing I do irregularly that I’ll be doing later today: giving a talk.  These are as much fun as signings, because I get some stimulating questions from my audience, plus I charge money for the full-fledged one, which I give mostly to library audiences.  Today’s is in front of a book circle at a church, done as a favor for a fellow resident of my building, so it’s free.  I dress up for all appearances, including a fancy hat.

Answer to the riddle:  A coffin.


Monica Ferris said...

I forgot something important: Today is the anniversary of 9/11. Always remember that terrible day and the thousands of dead innocents.

Linda O. Johnston said...

Love your riddles, Monica! And I agree that writing is sedentary and encourages us to get out of shape--which I am. On the other hand, I attend workouts at Curves regularly which helps to keep me limber.

And, yes, today is such an important and sad anniversary...