Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Halloween Map Album and Marvelous Monday Contest

Short on time? Aren't we all? That's why I love small albums. Here's a fun project that's perfect for Halloween. It's called a "map album" because it folds up like a paper road map.

     * 7 yards of black ribbon
     * 5 sheets of 12 x 12 inch black paper (must be black on both sides)
     * Halloween themed rubber stamps and colored pencils
     * packing tape
     * adhesive
     * various sheets of Halloween themed patterned paper and matching solids

    1. Cut the black paper into 6 x 6  inch squares. (I rounded the corners.) You will use 18 squares.
    2. Cut the ribbon into twelve pieces each measuring 18 inches long.
    3. Arrange nine black squares so that you have three across and three down with a gap of one inch around each square. (Think of a tic-tac-toe board, but with a gutter or margin of one inch around the tic-tac-toe boxes.)

Now we will join the squares together:

    4. Position ribbon so that you have two 18 inch strands going down each row (top to bottom). Tape ribbon to the squares. (This will take six strands of ribbon.)
    5. Position ribbon so that you have two 18 inch strands going across each row (left to right). Tape ribbon to squares.

Now we make a sandwich by putting a second black square on top of each of the first nine squares and gluing the two squares together--with a ribbon filling.

      6. Decorate your squares as desired with your Halloween rubber stamps and paper. (Tip: At this point, you might want to fold up your squares so you can decide which one will be your front cover and which one will be the back cover. I suggest you put a sticky note on the front and back as a reminder to decorate them accordingly.)
      7. Once your squares are decorated, fold them up once more. Now use the remaining ribbon to tie around the package of squares and hold your album closed.


How are you celebrating Halloween? 

One lucky commenter will win a copy of 
Death by the Dozen: A Cupcake Bakery Mystery by Jenn McKinlay.


Scrapping B wins a decorated piece of driftwood. Scrapping B, you need to send me an email at with your postal address!


Katreader said...

What a neat project. I'm so behind in all my crafting projects. I have the concept for my Halloween cards and I hope to create them today! I'll be working on Halloween (evening shift) but I'm on vacation now and enjoying the fall while trying to catch up!

Joanna Campbell Slan said...

Kat, just make a few extra cards and you'll be set to whip together one of these.

ScrappinBee said...

The album is so cute. Will keep the instructions handy for when my grandson comes to visit. He loves to craft. Not doing much for Halloween except studying. Have already made my cards that I send to all my friends that have small children and to my grandson.

Linda O. Johnston said...

Love how creative you are in so many ways, Joanna!

Joanna Campbell Slan said...

Linda, I just have all sorts of FUN!

traveler said...

My two loving, small dogs will be dressing up since they are always ready for fun. I will enjoy this new halloween celebration.

Joanna Campbell Slan said...

Traveler, sounds like a plan! I see dog yummies in your future.