Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Blogging About Blogging

This is Tuesday.  I always blog on Killer Hobbies on Wednesdays--but not this week.  Last week, I participated in a blog hop, and I tagged two of my fellow Killer Hobbyists on my post.  This week, since the blog hop occurs on Wednesdays, they’re both answering the blog hop questions on the same day.

I’ve spoken with a lot of writers who don’t like blogging.  They say it’s hard, time-consuming, and doesn’t really help them promote the books they’re hoping to sell.

I enjoy it!  And I hope blogging does help to get word out about my books.

Last weekend, I attended the November meeting of the Orange County Chapter of Romance Writers of America.  The morning speaker, Tara Lain, is in the PR industry, and she’s also a published writer.  Her topic was how to put together a blog tour. 

Now, I’ve done blog tours.  But her ideas were excellent!  A lot more planning and detail goes into her tours than I’ve done with mine in the past, but I now hope to use some of her suggestions in the future.

So... watch out here, but probably on Wednesdays for me.  I don’t have a tour scheduled yet, but when I do I’ll let you know where I’m going to be, and I’ll probably hold a contest, too.

Which blogs are your favorite to read?  Do you write a blog, too?  If so, have you ever done a blog tour?  How did it go?

And be sure to come back tomorrow to see Monica’s and Betty’s blog hop responses!

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