Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Riddle:  What was the biggest island in the world before the discovery of Australia by Captain Cook?

I couldn’t wait, I asked to see my Christmas present early, and it was what I was hoping for: A Wii.  I wanted it mostly so I could play golf in the winter months – and as we had snow Monday morning, winter has begun.  But I’m finding other games are fun as well.  The Wii came with a single disc that has two sets of games on it.  One is sports, such a bowling, golf, and baseball.  The other is resorts, with games such as kyaking, more golf, and sword fighting.  Somewhat to my surprise, I love sword fighting.  The setting is a circular arena atop a set of girders standing in a big lake or perhaps the ocean.  The player fights an opponent with a sword that has a tubular blade, so it's rather like the violent but bloodless fighting found in SCA swordplay.  The loser gets knocked off the edge and falls into the water.  For a peaceable old woman I get a surprising jolt of satisfaction watching my opponent tumble down, down, feet kicking, to land with a big splash.  I also love kayaking.  It’s a timed event over a course with a curve in it and right now I keep moving as I paddle so the device that reads my motions becomes confused and pretty soon I’m paddling on just one side, going in circles.  Once I solve that problem, I’m going to love kayaking, too.  Golf is almost as much fun as I hoped, and the course has some interesting features, such as a series of islands instead of a straightforward or dog leg fairway.  And the controller can sense when I dig deep on a stroke to launch the ball over a barrier.  But the hook I developed in the real game has turned up on my Wii game, too, doggone it.

I’ve been asked to contribute an article to a web site about a day in the life of Betsy Devonshire.  But her life, beyond sleuthing, is pretty boring, so I’m having some of the running characters talk about her instead.  But that means I’m having to go back and read some of the books.  And I’m finding that I’ve forgotten some of the plot twists, which makes a good, fun read.  And that I’m not a bad writer, if I do say so myself.  I meant just to glance into the books but found myself reading all of Knitting Bones. Love that crow!

Have you ever gone back to read something you wrote a long time ago and found it pretty good?  Or, also like me, gone back and read something you wrote and longed for a chance to do it over and maybe get it right?

Just for fun:  There’s a very brief video making the Internet rounds showing a dog who has Had Enough.  Go here for a look: http://fellowshipofminds.wordpress.com/tag/dog-wraps-self-in-blanket/

Answer to riddle:  Australia was always the biggest island in the world, even before its discovery by Captain Cook.


Kristopher said...


Make sure you try the plane flying event on the Wii Resort Disc. I can't remember exactly what it is called. But it allows you to fly over and around the Resort Island, so you can see where all the other events take place.

It's kind of crazy how detailed that place is. Almost makes you want to go on a real vacation there. ;-)

Monica Ferris said...

It has been pointed out to me that Australia is actually the world's smallest continent, which would make Greenland the largest island. I stand corrected.

Kristopher, I'm going to take your advice, though if I fly as well as I kayak, I'll crash!