Monday, January 28, 2013

Ah Aromatherapy! Try Dr. Willow McQuade's Favorite Herb

I've written several books on natural remedies (The Country Almanac of Home Remedies and  The Complete Idiot's Guide to Natural Remedies) but I was still surprised about what I learned writing Scent to Kill, the second book in my natural remedies mystery series. Did you know that aromatherapy can:

  • ease stress, anxiety, or depression
  • reduce inflammation
  • treat insomnia
  • heal eczema
  • balance hormonal function (PMS, etc.)
  • enhance immune function
  • neutralize nausea
  • ease aches and pains
  • manage migraines and other headaches
  • treat upset stomach
  • work as an antiseptic and antibacterial
That's a lot of benefits! 

In each chapter of Scent to Kill, I've included a specific herb, noted its healing properties and how you can use it. The first chapter begins with information about lavender (you can see a large bottle of lavender on the left side of the cover above and lavender fields in the background). Lavender plays a big part in Scent to Kill. It's also my favorite herb. 

Willow McQuade, naturopathic doctor, loves it too. Here's what she says in Scent to Kill: Lavender (the Latin verb lavare means “to wash”) is my favorite herb. Not only does it smell terrific, it’s calming and soothing and good for cuts and burns, insomnia, diaper rash, tension headache, PMS and cramps (use with clary sage and Roman chamomile). The phytochemicals (plant-based chemicals linalool and linalyl acetate) in lavender are absorbed in the skin and in the membranes inside your nose, slowing nerve impulses, and reducing stress. An easy way to start using lavender is to put five to ten drops of essential oil in your bath. Add the oil after you have filled the tub so you can enjoy the full benefits of this wonderful aroma.

Why not try it yourself? 

For a chance to win a copy of Scent to Kill: A Natural Remedies Mystery just leave a comment about your favorite natural remedy below. I'll be doing a giveaway each week until Feb. 26th when the book is officially published so stop by each Monday for a chance to win!  Until then, I'm yours naturally! Chrystle


traveler said...

I use the Aloe Vera plant for dry skin in the winter and for burns.

petite said...

ginger helps indigestion and motion sickness.

Linda O. Johnston said...

Sounds as if aromatherapy has a lot of great benefits, Chrystle. I'll enjoy reading Scent to Kill and learning more about them--as well as having fun with the mystery!

Liz said...

Lavender was a favorite but recently a friend in a cancer support group said lavender can stimulate hormones harmful to those with breast cancer. Maybe that's why lavender is helpful with PMS. Haven't researched but looking for new scent.

Chrystle Fiedler said...

Thanks Linda! I learned a lot and most of the tips are easy to use. I think you'll enjoy the book! As for natural cures, aloe vera and ginger are two of the best! Thank for stopping by!

Betty Hechtman said...

I love lavender, too. I always tuck a packet of lavender in my suitcase when I travel. It makes everything smell good and if can put it under my pillow if I'm having trouble sleeping.

cyn209 said...

my natural remedy is water.....i drink as much as possible all day long!!

thank you for the giveaway!!!

Anonymous said...

I use lavender spray on my pillow to help me sleep.