Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Killer Hobbies is changing again.  Not surprising.  As time goes on, we all change. 

I’ve been a member of Killer Hobbies since 2007.   I remember wondering whether it was a good idea for me to join when I was invited, since the themes of the other bloggers’ cozy mysteries involved... well, hobbies. 

My mysteries involve pets.  And although some people might think of pets as hobbies, I don’t.  To me, they’re family.

I joined anyway, and here I still am.  But one of our wonderful founders, Joanna Campbell Slan, is now leaving us.  We’ll miss her, and I hope she does stop by now and then for guest blogs.

There are three of us remaining now--Monica Ferris, Betty Hechtman, and me.  We’re a fun group, and we will soon be adding another blogger, too. 

The new year is in full swing now.  Hard to believe we’re well into January already.  We’re all twelve months older than we were at this time last year--of course!  I became a grandma in 2012 and I’m thrilled about it!  I also lost my dad, so there were bad times, too.  More changes.

This year, I’m going nuts already with my tight deadlines along with all the things I’m planning so I can introduce people to my two new books being published next month.  I wish they’d been spread out in time a bit, but I’ll have fun with both of them.  In case you’ve forgotten, they’re OODLES OF POODLES, my next Pet Rescue Mystery for Berkley Prime Crime, and UNDERCOVER WOLF, my next Alpha Force paranormal romance for Harlequin Nocturne.   I’m also working on a Pet Rescue Mystery novella for Berkley... and I may publish another novella myself.  Yes... more changes.

Unchanging, of course:  my love of animals, especially dogs.  And, yes, growing older.  But I keep thinking that the more I age, the more I learn.  It’s not so bad at all!

Have you come across any changes in your life recently?

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