Monday, February 11, 2013

Snow, Aromatherapy & a Giveaway!

I live in New York and I'm still digging out from winter storm Nemo so I'm a bit behind with this week's post. We had several feet of snow here and my backyard is a winter wonderland with birds and squirrels snacking on the sunflower seeds and bread I've thrown out. The bad news is my car is stuck in the snow. However, the snowfall in New England was much more extreme. In fact, I attended Boston University during the big blizzard of 1978 and I remember that the mountains of snow that had been removed from the street were as high as houses! 

But back to my running theme, aromatherapy. I didn't want the week to go by without giving you some new information about this practice that's featured in Scent to Kill, my latest natural remedies mystery. 

One the most effective ways to practice aromatherapy is to use an electronic diffuser. I keep one in my bedroom. You just add water and essential oils and turn it on. It works by sending small aromatic particles into the air. Not only does it smell great, a diffuser can help with respiratory problems, enhance immune response and emotional well-being, and act as an air antiseptic. For example, when I have sinus problems, I might use eucalyptus or pine. 

You can also use a candle diffuser by placing five to ten drops of essential oil in the diffuser and lighting the candle. This method is wonderful for enhancing room ambiance and making you feel really good. Leave a comment here for a chance to win a copy of my new book Scent to Kill: A Natural Remedies Mystery!  


Linda O. Johnston said...

How nice of you to think of helping the birds and squirrels in your neighborhood while you're stuck in the snow, Chrystle. I have to say that, living in California, I don't miss snow--especially after experiencing it again on a family visit last Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I am always looking for ways to use essential oils. I don't know how I missed knowing about using an electric diffuser. Thanks.

traveler said...

thank you for the great advice. I don't enjoy winter dryness so that would be helpful. Eucalyptus was something I used many years ago.

petite said...

Steaming is so helpful even though it may seem to be an old fashioned remedy. Love your interesting posts.

Rebecca said...

An electronic diffuser sounds wonderful, I'm going to have to look into getting one. Hope your snow clean up goes smoothly.

cyn209 said...

ok, i so need to learn more about aromatherapy!!
love your ideas & look forawrd to learning more!!
thank you for the giveaway!!!

cyn209 at juno dot com

Betty Hechtman said...

I think it is so much better to use natural oils in a diffuser than all the artificial sprays.

Chrystle Fiedler said...

I love my diffuser and got it from Floracopia - It fills the room with the scent and is so soothing. Of course I use my favorite, lavender essential oil, but I want to try rose oil next.

Now to the winner of this week's copy of Scent to Kill! Drumroll please...Congrats Rebecca! Please send your street address to me at Thanks to everyone for stopping by! More on Monday!