Friday, April 12, 2013

Down with a Cold

I came home from my wonderful trip to the Monterey Peninsula and got a cold. I hadn’t had a cold for years and it wasn’t a bad cold. It felt kind of like looking at the world through a veil of watery eyes and a tissue stuck to my nose. I tried to write and keep up with things, but mostly I watched way too much television, though at least they were good shows.

I like the new season of Call the Midwife on PBS. It is based on a midwife’s memoir of her time in England in the 50s. Mr. Selridge is on PBS too, and is about the man who built a department store in London in the early part of the last century. There is a lot of soap opera kind of stuff going on with the characters, too. Doc Martin is a new favorite about a cranky doctor in a small Cornish town filled with quirky characters.

On the other end of the spectrum is Southland. It is so realistic, you feel like you’re riding in the back of a LAPD cruiser. It literally takes my breath away, and I usually have my mouth open by the end of the show.

I have two comedies I watch - The Middle and Modern Family. I watched the new episodes and some old one I still had on the DVR. I can watch comedies over and over and they only get funnier as I anticipate what’s coming up. I tend to laugh out loud, which annoys my son. But laughing out loud makes you feel good. At one point I was considering trying to rent out my laughing services to sit coms that film in front of a live audience.

Even when I’m not sick I end up watching Dr. Oz when it is repeated at 1 a.m.. I don’t exactly watch, I’m usually knitting or crocheting and thinking about going to bed and it’s just sort of on. I am beginning to wonder how he can keep a straight face when he gives his audience yet another supplement to take. If someone followed all the advice the show gives, they would spend their whole day lining up pills to take. And the show is a testament how people will do anything to get on television. I am endlessly surprised at the embarrassing things people admit to to get on the show. I mean, do you really want all your friends, your boss and the rest of the world to know that you don’t wash your hands when you go to the bathroom? Is anybody going to want to shake hands with you again?

The cold is just about gone. Yay. The good thing about being sick is you realize how easy things are when you feel well. And now I have so much energy, Dr. Oz is long over and I'm still up. Okay the picture has nothing to do with my cold. But everything to do with gathering information for a mystery.


Linda O. Johnston said...

Sorry to hear about your cold, Betty, but it sounds as if you're making the best of your down time. And glad you're feeling better.

Betty Hechtman said...

Linda, the cold already seems like ancient history.

Chrystle Fiedler said...

I love TV and used to work in TV production in Hollywood. My favorite shows include Castle, Elementary, Psych, The Mentalist, The Big Bang Theory and Parks and Recreation. Recently, I rediscovered Murder, She Wrote on Hallmark TV. It's like seeing an old friend. Thanks for the post!

Betty Hechtman said...

Chrystle, thanks for reminding me. I like Castle, too. They film a lot of Parks and Recreation around my area. I have to try and watch Elementary. It sounds fun.