Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Malice and More

I’ve been back in town for only a few days after a wonderful trip east.

First, I went to Malice Domestic, which, as always, was a fun event.  I think the panel I was on, along with Betty Hechtman, really went well.  I enjoyed it, at least.  It was about the film industry and how we use it in our stories, and I had a great time explaining how OODLES OF POODLES centered around rescued poodles playing rescued poodles in a movie being filmed--and how I was able to mention that “No Animals Were Harmed” thanks to the American Humane Association.

From Bethesda, Maryland, I went to my old hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for the Festival of Mystery presented by the Mystery Lovers Bookshop in nearby Oakmont, and it, too, was delightful.  I also caught up with some goings-on with my relatives in the ‘Burgh, including getting to know my cousin’s 70-pound Goldendoodle lapdog.

Then on to Ohio, where I got to see my older son, d-i-l, and adorable grandson Elliott who’ll turn 1 year old in a couple of weeks.  I spent Mother’s Day morning with them and with my husband, b-i-l and wonderful m-i-l, then traveled home to L.A. in time to have Mother’s Day dinner with my younger son!

The trip was nearly two weeks long, and although I missed my dogs I had a great time.  But I have to say... it’s really good to be home now.  Especially since I have a lot of writing to catch up on as well as panels and other events here in L.A.!

How about you--did you enjoy the last two weeks as much as I did?


Dru said...

Yes, I love spending time at Malice. Seeing old friends, meeting new friends and just socializing. A fun time all around.

Linda O. Johnston said...

It was great seeing you at Malice, Dru! Definitely a fun time.

Betty Hechtman said...

Linda, I thought our panel was fun.

Linda O. Johnston said...

Me, too, Betty!