Monday, May 27, 2013

Murder, She Wrote Marathon on Hallmark TV Today!

Jessica Fletcher is one of my favorite sleuths. So much so that I named one of my dogs Fletcher! Today, Monday, Hallmark is featuring a 24 hour marathon of Murder, She Wrote episodes starting at 5:00 AM EST with Season 8, Episode 21 through Season 10 Episode 1.

Since it's my birthday, it's the perfect present! I plan to watch episodes while I write my own new mystery, Garden of Death, the third book in my natural remedies mystery series for Gallery Books/Simon & Schuster. I shall also spend time just lying on my couch with my two doxies getting some much needed rest and  enjoying the show (s)!

Here are some episodes that I think look interesting! Check your TV schedule for times in your area for the Hallmark Channel to watch Jessica solve murders whether it's in Cabot Cove, NYC, LA or London and parts beyond(!) after you're done parade watching, BBQing and having fun with friends and family!

Season 8

Episode 22

Murder on Madison Avenue
In New York City, Jessica is helping to develop a mystery board game for Marathon Toys, run by legendary eccentric Edgar Greenstreet, although Meredith Delaney tells Jessica she is really running the company. Meredith fires a long-time Marathon employee. Meredith's husband Devery McFarlane tells her he knows about the affair and asks when he'll be fired. Two ad agencies are competing for the Marathon account; Meredith is having an affair with the president of one, Boris Steloff, until she sees him kiss an agent of the other he is trying to hire on her orders.
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Season 9

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Episode 2

Family Secrets
Jessica's former student Randy Sloan is back in Cabot Cove to research a 30-year-old murder that someone wants to stay buried. Pretty waitress Sally Bates interests both Randy and rich boy Neal Latimer. But is the secret Randy has discovered worth killing to keep?
Episode 4
The Wind Around the Tower
In Ireland to research a new book, Jessica is a guest at a house supposedly haunted by a weeping ghost. The owner, Neal Gillen, fears he is going to be murdered and has asked the help of Jessica's ex-policeman friend Sean Culhane. When Neal dies, the possible suspects include his apparently loving wife, his cousin who has been dipping into the corporate accounts, a neighbor whose land Neal bought cheap, and a village girl who had her own agenda.
Episode 6
Night of the Coyote
In Silverville, New Mexico, Max Teller has turned a ghost town into a tourist attraction, but a bank loan officer wants to buy it, a former cohort in crime arrives to blackmail him, and a thieving hand that he fires threatens him. When the Silverville Museum burns, mysterious Sheriff Keeyani appears to get word from the spirits that it was arson, but Jessica realizes he is covering standard police procedure with a show. Max is killed, and it may have been related to treasure missing from an 1898 holdup.
Episode 11
Final Curtain
Seth's old friend, actor David North, returns to Cabot Cove to try out a play in the local playhouse. At auditions for the minor roles, Lyman Taggart gives a terrible reading but is convinced the director and North are out to get him. At dinner that night, Taggart shows up again and threatens North. Meanwhile, North's former manager Eric Benderson shows up and moves in. As Seth tries to reassure a hard-drinking North, Taggart tries to enlist Jessica's help to get him in the play, and threatens her when she brushes him off. 
Episode 17
The Big Kill
In Cabot Cove, fisherman Henry Riddett is making illegal arms deliveries for businessman Martin Fraser, who is desperate to keep his company afloat. Fraser has not shared his company problems with girlfriend Eve Simpson. When Riddett quits, he is found dead on his boat before he can warn Sheriff Metzger. Fraser's only hope for a big order to revive his company is a subsurface monitoring device that isn't functional yet. Financial adviser Carl Ward discovers the illegal sales and demands a piece of the pie or he'll go to the feds. Shortly thereafter, Ward is found dead...
Episode 22
Season 9,
Love's Deadly Desire

Well-known romance novelist Sibella Stone has come to Cabot Cove and taken up residence in a old dilapidated lighthouse. Her husband Derek Hartman is with her along with his daughter Valerie and her arrogant British boyfriend. When her assistant Marian King is killed while wearing Sibella's cloak on an a dark night, it doesn't take much to conclude that Sibella was the intended target. Several people may have had a reason to her dead. Derek was having an affair with Marian and Valerie's boyfriend needed her help to get his visa problems solved, something she agreed to...

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