Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Needlework Unleashed!

Riddle: How would you rearrange the letters in “New Door” to make one word?

Good friend Tanya Dee and I went on a needlework shop binge last week. Starting out with a big breakfast at Perkins, we went from there to The Club Room (needlepoint) in St. Louis Park, then to the magnificent and expansive Stitchville USA in Minnetonka (mostly counted cross stitch, lots of gadgets), then to lunch at Antiquity Rose in Excelsior, then to Lakeside Yarn in Excelsior (where we learned eyelash yarn is out of fashion but now there’s a metallic worsted-weight yarn in subdued shades of wine, gold and silver.  I can see Godwin in a clingy sweater knit of it).  Right next door to the yarn shop is Art Works (artist supplies – I bought a shirt in an overall Monet pattern of poppies and irises) then to Ingebretson's (a Norwegian-themed shop - I bought a simple xs pattern that wishes you a happy Christmas in Norwegian: Got Yul) in Minneapolis.

I was careful not to overspend, but did fall for a darling wooden frame with a Santa jumping jack on one end, suitable for a pattern fourteen by four inches.  It was on Stitchville’s sale table very reasonably priced.  Now all I have to do is find a Christmas pattern that will fit.  We didn't have time for Needlework Unlimited, The Picket Fence, or Bear Patch Quilting Shop - maybe next time!

One other thing I bought is a circular pattern of red and pink roses (counted xs) that I want to stitch in yarn on canvas to make a new seat cover for an occasional chair I bought on Portobello Road in London back in the later sixties.  Tanya bought a roundel of mixed flowers she wants to work on canvas.  We’re going to start a very small stitching club that meets twice a month to work on these projects.  Maybe by Christmas 2014 mine will be finished – I’m a very slow stitcher.

There’s been a new find at the newly-discovered site of Grey Friars in Leicester, England, where the bones of King Richard III were recovered: a stone coffin with a lead coffin inside it.  Apparently a hundred or more years older than 1485 (the year R3 was buried there).  Here’s the story:   http://news.discovery.com/history/archaeology/king-richard-coffin-130729.htm

Answer:  It’s a trick question.  The letters in New Door can be rearranged to spell One Word.


Mary said...

saw the article on the new coffins found at Grey Friars and I thought of you. Also a nice comment about a visitors center and the re-interment of King Richard

Linda O. Johnston said...

Sounds like a delightful shopping binge, Monica!

Betty Hechtman said...

I'm impressed how many stores you went to. I hope eyelash yarn sticks around. It's nice to add for an accent.