Wednesday, August 7, 2013

National Night Out

Did you know that last night was National Night Out?  I didn’t until I saw yesterday in the Studio City Patch that there was going to be an event that sounded like fun. 

In case you don’t know about the Patch, it's a website that provides local information about neighborhoods all over the country.  Each neighborhood represented has its own Patch, which consists of an online newsletter mostly written by locals about themselves and other locals and their news and events.

Do I live in Studio City?  No, but I do live nearby and like the neighborhood a lot.  Therefore, I went to Studio City’s National Night Out with my husband--and it was fun!  It was held in a bowling alley’s parking lot.  There were rows of booths consisting of the local neighborhood counsel, groups that furthered the interests of local landmarks, restaurants that gave away lots of free samples so we didn’t need to go get dinner anywhere else, neighborhood watch information, and local police and firefighters and their vehicles that people could tour.  Plus, there were rides for kids. 

And what was most fun for me?  There were also booths for pet stores and grooming and doggy daycare places.  Plus, a recently opened very special shelter that stocks both pet supplies and rescued dogs available for adoption had a great presence there, including some of their dogs.

They weren’t the only dogs there.  Many attendees also brought family members including their pups.

I collected literature from a lot of the booths.  I still need to go through the brochures, but I also know I can use some for writing research.  And did I have fun?  Definitely!

 Did you attend the National Night Out in your neighborhood?  Do you have other similar events near you? 


Betty Hechtman said...

I sort of heard about it, but didn't know what National Night Out was. It sounds like fun. I wish I'd gone to the Tarzana version. Thanks for the info about Patch.

Linda O. Johnston said...

I hadn't heard about National Night Out before, Betty, and apparently this was the first year Studio City held an event of its own. Other years it had been combined with other nearby areas. And, yes, the Patch is fun, plus they're always looking for local articles.

Chrystle Fiedler said...

I used to live in Studio City until 1998 when I moved back to Eastern Long Island. It's a nice place to live. My apartment was a block over from Ventura Place right by CBS Studio Center where I worked for several years in TV production.:D

Linda O. Johnston said...

We were near-neighbors! Too bad we didn't know each other, Chrystle.