Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Back to Writing

I'm back!   

First, as you know if you read Killer Hobbies, I had some pretty nasty computer problems that have been cured, fortunately.   

They were followed by some good reasons not to have time to write: my two baby grandsons.  I just returned on Monday from visiting them in Chicago, along with their parents, of course--my son and d-i-l.  It was a short but delightful trip and I didn't get a whole lot of writing or even editing done. 

Now, I've returned home with a lot to do, including a couple of deadlines and a need to finish up a proposal and write some more. 

Plus, I'm back at my dogs' bark and call.  They were well treated by their really good pet-sitter, of course, and also visited by a kind and caring neighbor, but since I work at home I'm more available, now that I'm back, to comply with their every whim. 

That means I'm busy.  Really busy, thanks to the dogs.  Outside every ten minutes, it seems.  Open the front door.   Play ball.  Whatever they want.

And write.  Plus, I have meetings of writing organizations to attend next weekend. 

As a result, I'm going to keep this post fairly short.  Need to keep working!

Oh, and as I work, I'm keeping watch for the small lizard that was loose in my house when I left that I wasn't able to capture...

How about you--how busy are you these days, and what are you up to?


Betty Hechtman said...

I think you just got out of Chicago in time. It really sizzled for a couple of days. When it's 88 inside even with some air conditioning, you know it's hot.

How nice that you got to see your grandsons!

Linda O. Johnston said...

I did get back to a couple of really comfortable days in L.A.--but now it's hot again. Not as hot as Chicago, though, since the humidity is low once more. And, yes, seeing my grandsons really made the trip worthwhile!