Thursday, September 5, 2013

Writers Police Academy 3

I’m post this early since I’m on my way to Greenboro, North Carolina for Writers Police Academy. This is the third year I’ve gone and it is always intense and very interesting. The buses leave the hotel at 7:30 a.m and don’t return until 6 and then there is more going on in the evening. There are workshops on various kinds of crime, chances to handcuff each other and try on gun belts among other things. It is also an opportunity to ask the kind of questions that would get you in trouble somewhere else. It is where I found out how to make a homemade silencer.

This year I signed up for an activity where we get to clear a building. I’m not sure what it entails, but I think it is an adrenaline rush kind of thing.

I don’t usually take a lot of photos during the weekend as I am too interested in what is going on to think about taking pictures. I remember a photo teacher I had saying that you either took pictures or took part in whatever. The pictures I do take are rather random and more like note taking.

When Lee Childs sat my table during the Friday night reception last year, it only occurred to me to get a picture with him when everyone else at the table had already done it.

I’m hoping for clear skies for the flight. The plane from Chicago to Greensboro is small and doesn’t fly that high. The view is fabulous. On the flight back last year, we flew along the lake front in Chicago and I could pick out where my place is. When we flew over Soldiers Field, I could see that a football game was going on. It’s probably as close to being a bird as I’m going to get

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