Wednesday, October 2, 2013

National Walk Your Dog Week

Today is the second day of National Walk Your Dog Week. 

I learned about that thanks to American Pet Magazine.  I write articles mostly on pet-related holidays for American Pet, and the wonderful editor always provides a bunch of upcoming events to choose from.  For the issue that was just published yesterday, I wrote about National Walk Your Dog Week, which is from October 1 through 7 this year.  

It's an event founded by a pet lifestyle expert, and the idea is that it's good for both you and your dog to take walks often, even daily.   The exercise is helpful to your health, and your dog's, too.

I have to admit that I don't take my dogs Lexie and Mystie on as many walks as I should.  Not that we don't get exercise.  We have a large backyard that is reachable only by steps, and these days I get told at least hourly that it's time to go outside and sniff and run around and do whatever they feel like doing.  

However, I like the idea of National Walk Your Dog Week.  So, yesterday, my husband and I took them for a walk.

Now, we know a bunch of neighbors who do walk their dogs daily.  They come by our house and one of them even gives treats to our dogs, who always make sure to tell us to open our front door so they can go onto our fenced-in front patio and wait.  Others stop and talk to us as they walk by--unless the noisiness of our dogs and theirs prevents us from any kind of discussion. 

On our walk yesterday, we saw some of those neighbors out and about with their dogs.  We got to see what home remodeling and gardening was going on in our neighborhood.  We saw which trees were being trimmed.  We even had a fun talk with one of our neighbors we hadn't seen for ages, outside his home.

And Lexie and Mystie?  Judging by their sniffing and pulling and wanting to go even farther, they loved it! 

I hope to take the dogs on more walks this week and after.  In fact, maybe it's time to get their leashes right now! 

How often do you walk your dogs?


Terri said...

I walk my dogs daily, but not as long or as far as I should. And we don't have a completely fenced in yard yet and they would escape! :-)

Linda O. Johnston said...

We're fortunate to have a fenced-in yard, Terri--but I still always accompany my dogs there. We've had strange things happen at times like attempted attacks by mockingbirds!

Betty Hechtman said...

One of the great things about walking a dog is connecting with the other people on the street.

Betty Hechtman said...

One of the great things about walking a dog is connecting with the other people on the street.

Linda O. Johnston said...

That's for sure, Betty!