Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Planning Ahead for Conferences

This year, I attended a bunch of conferences: Malice Domestic, California Crime Writers Conference,  Romance Writers of American National Conference, and California Dreaming, held by the Southern California Romance Writers of America chapters.

 I'm not certain which conferences I'll attend next year, but I'm thinking ahead.  For one thing, I'm working on an idea for a panel for the Romance Writers of America 2014 conference.  The proposal is due by November 1.  If mine gets accepted, I'll definitely go.  If not, I'll have to decide.

 I've been attending Malice Domestic for several years and suspect I'll go there again next year.  And two other mystery conferences will be on my California end of the country in 2014: Left Coast Crime in Monterey, and Bouchercon in Long Beach.  They're definite maybes.  Bouchercon may even be a definite yes since it's the closest one.

Will there be any more?  Guess it'll depend on what they are, when they are, and how much they cost. 

 Do you have any suggestions about other conferences I should consider?  And have you decided already what conferences or other events you'll attend in 2014?

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