Friday, November 1, 2013

For Better or Worsted

Well, this is it. Next Tuesday the hardcover edition of For Better or Worsted comes out, along with the paperback edition of If Hooks Could Kill. As usual, I’m scrambling at the last minute, putting together a blog tour, ordering bookmarks and trying to notify readers of the new release.

At the same time, my editor was having meetings on the cover of the next Yarn Retreat book, Silence of the Lamb’s Wool. She sent around a beginning sketch for comments. I know it is just the first draft, but it looks like another great cover. And there was a cover meeting for the ninth Crochet Mystery. It’s so weird to be thinking about the cover already, when I am just writing it. There was a lot of back and forth with ideas and a vote on the titles I submitted. Their choice was Knot Guilty, which my son Max came up with.

As if that wasn’t enough, as this is being read, I’m probably on a plane somewhere between L.A. and Chicago. Maybe over the Grand Canyon.

Saturday I’m going to be signing books at the Beelighted booth at the Vogue Knitting Show from 1 to 2 P.M. This time the show is easy to get to as it is being held at the Palmer House hotel in downtown Chicago.

I’ve never gone to the Vogue show before and am anxious to see how it compares to the others I’ve been too. I have come to love yarn shows. It is a whole world I didn’t know existed until I started writing these books. I’ve gone to them in Minneapolis, Greensboro, North Caroline, Reno, Chicago and Newport Beach. They are so much more than a place to buy too much yarn. There are classes, fashion shows, demonstrations and chances to see what’s new in the world of yarn.

And then there are the people. Maybe I’m prejudice, but I think people that work with yarn tend to be extra wonderful. They are friendly, warm hearted, generous and nice to be around. It’s like the knit and crochet group I belong to. We admire each other’s work, help each other with knitting or crochet problems and share our lives. I always leave our Thursday morning sessions feeling like my spirit has been nourished by my group.

I thank my lucky stars that I get to write mysteries that involve crocheting and knitting.


Planner said...

I can't wait to read For Better or Worsted! I preordered it, so it should arrive on Tuesday. Yah!

I love the title Knot Guilty. Short and clever.

Enjoy the Vogue Knitting Show. I hope to attend a yarn show one day. It's been my experience, too, that people who work with yarn are especially nice. I wonder if it's because the craft by its nature teaches you patience. Most of the crafters I know make more things for other people than they do for themselves.

Betty Hechtman said...

Planner, thanks for mentioning that crafters make things for others. I forgot to put that in.

Linda O. Johnston said...

You sound very busy in a delightful way, Betty. Hope your trip is fun and successful and filled with yarn people!