Friday, January 10, 2014

An Evening Off

I am just temporarily burned out. Maybe it is a week of giving a cat medicine he didn’t want twice a day, along with doing a rewrite of Knot Guilty while expecting the edits for Silence of the Lamb's Wool any day. Knowing that when I get the edits, I’m not going to have much time to do them. And the cherry on the sundae is trying to figure out how to market my middle grade or maybe, YA, mystery.

I got the rights back and it has a new title and a new cover. It is now Stolen Treasure, a Blue Schwartz Mystery instead of Blue Schwartz and Nefertiti’s Necklace. It is now an e-book on Kindle, Nook, Ibooks, Kobe, Sony and Smashwords.

Here’s the problem. The audience for my two cozy series hasn’t shown any interest in reading about Blue even though adults who have read the book have all liked it. And from what I’ve seen online, finding a middle grade audience is pretty tough. The kids aren’t the one buying the books. You have to get to the gate keepers.

I spent the week thinking about how to change my website. I think I have figured out what I am going to do. As for the marketing. I have decided to play with it and have fun.

And while I’ve been far away from the arctic vortex, it has reached out it’s frosty fingers and poked me. Because of the extreme cold, I needed to have the faucets turned on so the pipes wouldn’t freeze. One of my neighbors was nice enough to take care of it for me. But then I got a call the next day about leaks in the apartment below. No final verdict on what caused them, but it seems like something in the walls. It wouldn’t be the first time I have gotten on a plane to take care of plumbing woes.

So I left Molly in the midst of trouble. I couldn’t face rewriting her out of it tonight. I know tomorrow I’ll be back at it tomorrow, but for now I just had to step away.


Linda O. Johnston said...

Sorry so much is hitting you at once, Betty, but I've no doubt you'll figure out the answer to everything--with Molly's help, or at least she'll understand the delay. Good luck with your e-book!

Joanna Slan said...

Betty, that's a lot on your plate. I'm sending you a virtual hug.

Planner said...

Sounds like your year started with a bang. Congrats on the ebook release of Stolen Treasure. That's exciting! The cover looks great.

Enjoy your break, and may all work out well for you.

Betty Hechtman said...

Linda, Molly objected to be left in a mess and commanded that I write her way out of it.

Betty Hechtman said...

Joanna, thanks for the hug. So nice to hear from you. Very nice picture.

Betty Hechtman said...

Planner, I'm afraid it is still a select view who know Stolen Treasure is out. The burn out is over. Yay!