Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Still Frightful

The bearded lady
Tried a jar
Now she’s a famous
Movie star
Burma Shave

The Everly Brothers “Burma Shave” song:

Monday morning it was seventeen below with stiff winds bringing the wind chill to forty below.  I actually went out in it, driving to water aerobics and staggering against the wind into the building.  The hard part was coming out ninety minutes later to sit down in a really, really cold car – the chill went up through my clothes, into my butt, and clear up to the back of my neck.  But it’s a good little car, and it heated up fast.  Got home where I made a pot of old-fashioned oatmeal, the kind that has to cook for awhile, adding dried fruit and chopped walnuts.  Ate it with a mug of strong black English tea embellished with Splenda and a dollop of Half and Half.  That gave me the strength to plunge back out to go grocery shopping.  Makes me feel brave to live in a climate like this, though it’s been a long time – years – since we’ve had a winter like this.

But since the forecast is for more of the same today, I think I’ll stay in – I’ve proven my point – and work on A Needle Case.

I read a big chunk of it to my writers’ group on Saturday.  They liked it, but had some really superb suggestions for improvements.  To anyone thinking of being a writer: I hope you find a good, solid writers’ group to join.  I handed out copies of The Drowning Spool, which I have in advance of the pub date next month.  The least I could do in return for all they’ve done for me.

I’ll be coming to Madison, to a new bookstore, Mystery to Me, to take part in a “Slam” February 22.  Contact Joanne Berg at the store for more information: joanne.mysterytome@gmail.com.


Christine Thresh said...

I've been so worried about you and the weather where you live. I am glad you are able to stay warm. I can't imagine such cold.

Monica Ferris said...

No need to worry, Christine. I'm not driving long distances on lonely roads - and if I were, and slid off the road, I have an emergency survival kit in the trunk of my car. I'm mostly staying in my insulated, heated, well-stocked apartment, or going out on well-traveled streets to places that are themselves heated.

Linda O. Johnston said...

Sounds as if you're dealing with the cold very well, Monica--and making good use of your time.

Betty Hechtman said...

You eat your oatmeal like I do, though I add a pat of butter.

It's making me shivery to read about your weather. It does sound like a good time to stay in and write.