Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Changing Directions

Okay, I'm a writer published in multiple genres.  I'm used to having my mind veer off in different directions and actually enjoy it at times.

This week has been the same, only different. 

I've started writing the second book in my Superstition Mysteries, which of course is great fun.

When I wasn't working on it, I'd started typing--yes, typing--into my computer the manuscript of one of my long-ago creations that happened to be the last of the dozen manuscripts sitting rejected under my bed before I started getting my novels published.  It had gotten "good" rejections--in other words, I had agents and editors tell me it was well written but unpublishable.  That was in yesterday's world.  The reason it was unpublishable is that it contained too many genres and subgenres, which today is perfectly acceptable.  I decided to type it onto the computer rather than have it scanned because I could work on editing and bringing it current.

But then, after a couple of conversations I had, I changed direction.  Instead of typing that story into the computer right now, I first decided to work on what could become the book of my heart, or at least plot it more than I'd done previously.  I'm now working on its synopsis.

Plus, I may even be taking a chance on an entirely new genre for me.  At the moment, I'm just reading in that genre, but who knows?  Maybe I'll write something really different for me, too.

One thing that the two ventures I've just taken up have in common is that, yes, they have dogs in them.  My old, resurrected story does not.  I still think it's a fun story, of course, but maybe I was distracted easily because of my canine affinity.

How about you--do you ever start off in one direction, then veer off in one or more totally different ones?


Betty Hechtman said...

I would like to redo some old manuscripts too but I either have to make period pieces or update them a lot like add the Internet and cell phones.

Tracy Weber said...

Murder Strikes a Pose was my first manuscript, so I don't have anything to update. But I think interests and passions can change and morph over time. As we grow, our work does, too!