Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Irk A Saint

Brushless shaving cream became a staple on drugstore shelves and Burma Vita began to worry about customers trying the competition.  One way of fighting them off was:

Substitutes would
Irk a saint
You hope they are
What you know
They ain’t
Burma Shave

I was given a few days’ grace in getting Darned If You Do to my editor in New York, so I started fooling around with the sequence of events, and now the manuscript is a mess – and it’s due (again) tomorrow.  Woe is me!

We had a fine Easter.  I went to the early service at St. George’s, then in the early evening drove over to the Smiths for a gargantuan dinner (I supplied the ham, and it was excellent!), conversation and the movie “Hugo.”  I couldn’t stay for the whole movie, I had to get up for my water aerobics session early Monday morning.  The way I’ve been eating this past week, I didn’t dare skip the exercise.

The weather has suddenly turned fine.  I haven’t worn even a jacket for three days, now.  Super.

Above is a picture of me in my new suit and that great new hat.


Unknown said...

You look great in your new hat and outfit!

Helen C (UK) said...

You look terrific Monica! I really like the suit.

Monica Ferris said...

It's a very bold color, especially for a senior woman, but I felt comfortable in it - it took me a long time to find a suit whose orange color didn't clash horribly with the orange hat. Though you can't see it, there are three butterflies on top of that hat - and a big pink flower.

Betty Hechtman said...

What a fabulous color and it looks great on you.

It is always tricky to start changing things in a manuscript. One change can knock a lot of things out of kilter.

Monica Ferris said...

You said it, Betty! I should have known better. But I made it, fixed the changes, adapted the text, and sent that ms electronically Tuesday night. I think it's a good story, I hope my editor agrees.

Linda O. Johnston said...

Glad you got your manuscript fixed and out, Monica. And that really is a great-looking outfit!

Monica Ferris said...

Thank you, Linda. I bought that outfit on sale at a discount store - should have gone there first. (I went back there yesterday because there was a hat, also on sale I passed up. And yesterday it was even further discounted. Just what I need: another hat. But it's a little retro - 50s - a little daring and really beautiful!)