Friday, April 11, 2014


I am not happy to see people with their noses stuck in their phones, particularly when they’re out with me and we could be having a conversation instead. Or worse when they’re like the driver in front of me this morning. I could only see that it was a man, but not what he was doing, but his driving made it clear he was doing something besides operating his car. I’m sure it was something with a cell phone because after driving way too slow and wandering all over the street, all of a sudden he started driving at the speed limit and staying in his lane.

However having smart phone sure comes in handy when you need some kind of information.

I was at my knit and crochet group today and a question came up on how to do a certain combination of stitches. Some of the group looked through assorted books they had with them, while I took out my smart phone. I am still amazed that I could just type in slip slip knit (the combination of stitches we were looking for) and hit enter and there before me was a whole list of possibilities. There were a number of written instructions and groups of photographs illustrating how to do the combination.

I’m used to finding information like that on my computer, but often forget all that my phone can do beyond making phone calls.

I have no interest in becoming so enamored with my phone that I have to keep it close enough to see at all times. I see it all the gym all the time. People on the treadmills with their phone in view. People gazing at their screens, savoring the last few seconds of doing whatever they do with their phones before the music bumps up and we begin the cardio dance class.

Definitely not for me,.

But at times like today when I have a question while I’m out and about, it is so nice to have the world at your fingertips - literally.


Linda O. Johnston said...

It's fun having verbal questions answered quickly, too, Betty. I'm amazed by the voice recognition in my smart phone!

Betty Hechtman said...

Linda, it is so amazing when you wonder about something and the answer is so available.

Planner said...

Maxwell Smart would have loved the smart phone. No shoehorn required!

Monica Ferris said...

I have an extremely basic cell phone that is usually shut off, but twice I have caught myself using it while driving and have to remind myself to pull over. OTOH, I very frequently use my computer to look up things. I can remember when I had to get in my car and drive to the library and then spend an hour or more looking up things, or even wait until a class came up that would teach me a technique I needed. Now: Google is my friend. There are even brief tutorial videos - wonderful!

Betty Hechtman said...

Planner, Dick Tracy would probably like all the wrist phone things that are starting to come out, too.

Betty Hechtman said...

Monica, isn't it great to have so much information available to us 24/7.