Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Happy Day!

Today is my wedding anniversary.  I've been married to my wonderful husband Fred for a lot of years.  As part of our celebration I'm not going to have much writing time today.  In fact, even though I'm now a full-time writer, some days I wind up having even less time than I used to for my writing.  Not that it stops me from getting things done! 

Today we're going to a lunch for the Union Oil Company Alumni Association to schmooze with some of my fellow former Unocal coworkers and to listen to one of them discuss a real estate related matter for Chevron, which bought the remaining assets of Unocal a while ago.  I became a published fiction writer while working as an in-house real estate attorney for the company, and I remain quite nostalgic about it.  In fact, there's a good possibility that this weekend we'll also be visiting the oil museum in Santa Paula, California, that was founded by Unocal.  I helped, way back when, first to lease part of the premises to the city and then, later, to help sell the property. 

Both things will be time consuming.  And I also hope to meet with a writing friend visiting from out of town after our lunch today.   

Then there's the time I've been spending on nailing down some routine medical matters as well as dealing with erroneous charges for some dental work since I recently changed insurance providers.  And yes, that really is time consuming. 

Plus, last weekend I attended a meeting of the Los Angeles Romance Authors and the Sisters in Crime Los Angeles Chapter on Sunday--enjoying organizations representing both of my two genres on the same day!  I've also been talking to some friends about potentially doing some mutual critiquing since my wonderful, long-time critique group hasn't been meeting as often as it used to. 

So... looks like I'd better stop writing this blog and get to work!   

I've finished the first draft but am editing the first book in my second upcoming cozy mystery series for Midnight Ink.  I'm making progress... though not as quickly as I'd like, particularly because I've got a lot of other books to write, too--both those mysteries plus some romances for Harlequin--a wonderful position to be in. 

And one of these days I'd like to start getting my next backlist book available as an ebook.  If you read my blog last week, I was delighted to report, and still am, that THE GLASS SLIPPER, my early fairy tale romance, is now available on Kindle at Amazon! 

So... see you here next week, I hope.   

And meantime how about you? What's occupying your time these days?


Betty Hechtman said...

Wow, you're busy, Linda. Happy Anniversary and I hope you enjoy your lunch.

Linda O. Johnston said...

Thanks, Betty!