Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Chisel Can't Help Her Any

Epitaph from Duxbury, Mass.:

Widow of
Simeon Soule
Feb. 25, 1865
87 years, 11 mo.
& 19 days.
The Chisel can’t help
Her any.

To have lived all those years – and all those years ago – to become a cruel and cutting witticism that echoes down the decades: whew!

I’m still sick.  I’m calling my doctor again today.  This cough is getting ridiclous!

Minnesota climate is weird.  We went from winter to summer with about four days – separated by heavy rain – of spring.  It was eighty-odd degrees yesterday!  Every possible thing that blooms is blooming, there was no gradual awakening from crocus through daffodils into lilacs.  People with allergies are choking and wheezing.  And I’m poised to begin writing a Christmas mystery.

We’re leaving Friday for Bismarck and the Antiques Roadshow taping.  My sister Dolores is deep into plans for a huge Pulver family reunion out east in September.  And we’re supposed to spend Christmas in Mexico City – lots of travel this year!

It looks as if the King Richard III royal funeral will be in the spring of 2014. In Leicester.  There’s already a stir of anticipation in my breast.  Oh, to be in England . . .!

Any suggestions for a title suitable for a Christmas mystery about “A Christmas Carol” that involves needlework?


Cheryl said...

A Christmas Crewel

Christine Thresh said...

I am sorry you are still not feeling well.
A title for your Christmas story: "Christmas Chains." This could stand for the construction paper chains made for the tree at Trinity, or for the chain stitch, or for the chains the ghost dragged around.
I hope you like it.

HelenC said...

What type of needlework is involved? If it's knitting, would something like "The Knitivity" work?

Betty Hechtman said...

I'm sorry your still feeling sick. I hope your better before your trip.It looks like you got some good title suggestions.

Diana Troldahl said...

Hoe you recover soon, those lingering coughs are a bear. (An old Native American remedy is nin juice and honey, take it by the spoonful like cough syrup.)
Oh Holy Knit
Crewel Wind
Stumped (stump work)