Thursday, June 12, 2014

An Ode to Turning Fifty

Today’s article will be a short one. No book news, no personal insights, no great yoga tips. I’m giving myself the day off. Last Thursday was my—gasp—50th birthday. I spent the day in bed with a nasty head cold, cuddled up on the floor with my dog, who was suffering from a nasty 24 – hour intestinal bug.

All in all, the day could have been…

A whole heck of a lot worse.

Any day I get to spend in my beautiful home with that gorgeous creature, knowing that my hubby will soon be home from work to harass us, is a good day indeed.

My 50th birthday wasn’t the most pleasant day ever, but I wouldn’t trade my life for any other on earth.

Enjoy the life you’re given.

That is all for today.

Tracy Weber

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Linda O. Johnston said...

Belated Happy Birthday, Tracy! And enjoy your day off--although writers never really take a day off. I'm sure your mind is at work.

Betty Hechtman said...

Happy Birthday, Tracy. It is great to embrace every age. I can only speak for myself, but my life keeps getting better and better.

Tracy Weber said...

Thank you, ladies!