Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Here’s one from someone with a mind curiously akin to those who write Killer Hobbies:

Dainty Bride
Scratchy whiskers
Burma Shave

Perhaps because my brain seems to be functioning on maybe half its cylinders, I’m having some trouble coming up with the twist I need to conclude the plot of Eye for an Eye.  But it’ll happen – so far it always has.

My friend Tanya finished stitching the many-shades bouquet of red and pink roses from a counted cross stitch pattern onto canvas and now it’s my job to stitch the ground.  This will eventually be the seat of the old chair I bought in London back around 1967.  A sort-of problem I have is that it’s so lovely and the product of so many hours of work that I may not allow anyone to sit on it.

We’re having a bit of a scare in our place right now.  Ellen woke up Thursday with severe back pain and blood in her urine.  An all-day trip to the emergency room turned up – after two CAT Scans – not the expected kidney stones, but a “mass” on her right kidney.  She’s since had an MRI and
she has an appointment Wednesday morning at a kidney clinic for a consultation over the MRI showing.  Cross your fingers, say a prayer.  Thanks!

Here's Ellen (with Panzi):


Linda O. Johnston said...

I'm sure you'll come up with the perfect plot twist, Monica. And I'm sending good wishes Ellen's way.

Betty Hechtman said...

I'm sending good wishes to Ellen. It has to be scary for her. Panzi looks like my Rocky. You'll get the plot twist you need. When you're least expecting it, it will pop into your head.

Monica Ferris said...

Thanks for the good wishes. And I think I've got the twist - plus an idea for an appropriate title!