Friday, July 25, 2014

A Molly Moment

I think I had a Molly Moment. I did something stupid and embarrassing like the situations I write for my character. But I say if you’re going to do stupid embarrassing things the least you can do is talk about them so people can get a chuckle out of it.

Let me set the scene. I went to the gym for the Tuesday morning cardio class. They call it cardio, but it is really dancing around though it is really beside the point. A bunch of people I know where hanging around the locker room, talking. Somehow the subject of skylights came up and I mentioned leaving a container of mini peanut butter cups on my kitchen counter. The sun came through the skylight and melted the whole thing into a big lump which is now in my refrigerator waiting to be figured out what to do with.

I went to put my stuff in a locker. I guess we are all creatures of habit and I seemed to always go for a certain locker. Only this time, someone had left their stuff in, but put no lock on the locker. Not such a good idea. Hard to believe but it is true, things have disappeared in the gym. Like let’s just say they had to glue the soap dispensers to the sink because they went missing. Finally, even the glued down ones took a powder, probably in somebody’s gym bag. Now they have ugly things attached to the wall you’d need a crowbar to get loose. They seem to be lasting.

So, I thought how foolish it was for whoever to leave her stuff in an open locker. Meanwhile I simply took the one next to it. I shut the locker and used my keys to unlock my lock. A few moments later, I snapped on the lock, locked it and left to explore the deluxe locker room at the gym. There is an extra charge to use it and I’d never seen the inside, but the door had been left open, so why not.

I don’t know how much extra they charge to add the special locker room to your membership, but anything above free is too much. What’s so deluxe? The lockers are strained a slightly darker color and instead of the blah benches in our locker room, it has a couple of cushiony individual benches. It has a sink that looks like a glass bowl and free standing dispensers of soap and lotion. I wonder if they’ve disappeared in the past?

Then I went to the class. Halfway through,my endorphins had taken over and I was a regular dancing machine. Who knew I could jump up and down and twist that much? By the end of the class, I was sweaty and looking forward to going home and having a belated breakfast.

I went to fetch my stuff, but when I looked for my familiar red lock on the line of lockers, it wasn’t there. My lock was gone? I opened the locker I’d used and my stuff was in it and after a quick check saw that everything was still there. A woman was standing near me and said someone had come in and cut off a lock a while ago. Huh?

Sweaty and upset, I rushed to the front desk and asked, er maybe demanded to know why my lock had been removed. It turns out I had put my lock on the wrong locker. The woman who’d left her stuff in an unlocked locker had come back to find my lock on her locker. (This is beginning to sound like a tongue twister) I started to get all huffy about it until reality clicked in and I changed my tune to an oops it was my mistake.

I can only imagine the look at that woman’s face when she found out that someone had padlockd her belongings. I’ll apologize if I ever find out who she is.

Hers hoping you got a chuckle out of my misadventure. Once I got over the egg on my face, I know I did.

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Planner said...

Yes, this was definitely a Molly Moment! What a great story! I can hear you thinking, "I would certainly NEVER leave MY stuff in an unlocked locker." And, then, that's exactly what you did!

I guess you could claim that you were worried the other woman's stuff would be stolen, so you protected it! You were only being charitable . . . .

Betty Hechtman said...

Yes, planner that is just about exactly what I said. I guess she doesn't know about all the stolen soap dispensers.

Linda O. Johnston said...

I think we all have Molly Moments at times, Betty. Great that you owned up to it publicly--here, at least. And, gee, maybe you can use it in one of Molly's stories, too!

Betty Hechtman said...

Linda, One way or another it will end up in a story.