Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Preparation for RWA National

I blogged last week about how fast time is passing.  This week I'm talking about time again, but in another context. 

In a few weeks, I will be attending the Romance Writers of American National Conference for 2014 in San Antonio, Texas.  I helped to put together a panel there, called Multiplicity Rocks: Writing Concurrently in Multiple Genres or Subgenres.  We'll be discussing--what else?--the benefits and perhaps the drawbacks of trying to stay versatile and getting published in more than one genre. 

That panel is scheduled for the Friday of the conference.  As is turns out, so are a lot of other commitments.  Nearly everything I'm doing seems to be squeezed into that one day! 

My book signings for both Harlequin and Berkley are on Friday.  So's a lunch to be held for the writers of one of my Harlequin series.  There's a general Harlequin meet-and-greet for its series authors.  Then there are both the Berkley and Harlequin parties. 

Oh, sure, I have some things going on during the other days of the conference, too--but maybe one or two on each day.  Friday's just going to be nuts.  No, I'm going to be nuts on Friday! 

I'm sure it'll be fun.  But I also bet I'll be exhausted on Saturday.  And happy to have accomplished as much as I did on Friday.

Do you have things like this occur, too, where everything seems to happen at once?


Diane Vallere said...

This seems to be the norm more than the exception these days. Especially at conferences! There's always one day where the schedule has ahold of me instead of vice versa--and then, the joy of relaxing when it's all over. Remember to have fun!

Linda O. Johnston said...

Don't think I've ever had a day at a conference planned as intensely as this one, Diane, but you're right that scheduling can be tight. I do intend to enjoy myself, thank you!

Lynn Cahoon said...

My Thursday evening is crazy - Friday is kind of open. Hope to run into you at Nat'ls this year. I met you at the signing the year it was in NYC.

Linda O. Johnston said...

Hope to see you there, too, Lynn!

Betty Hechtman said...

Friday sounds like an exciting day for you. Exhausting, but fun.