Wednesday, August 13, 2014


I started out my post last week by saying I'm a computer addict, which I am.  But I'm also a blogaholic.  I've said so before, but I was reminded of it while corresponding with the publicist at my new publisher, Midnight Ink, and letting her know what I'm up to. 
I'm already doing a Great Escapes Virtual Book Tour in October to publicize LOST UNDER A LADDER, the first in my new Superstition Mystery series.  But in addition to that I've got a bunch of other blogs set up as well, thanks to friends and acquaintances who are mystery fans and have their own blogs to review and publicize and generally demonstrate enjoyment of books. 

I read others' blogs, too, although I don't always follow all posts.  Sometimes I'm reminded to check them out because of a Facebook posting about those people or their work--or their reviews of someone else's work.  I love to see what others are writing, and what they have to say about their latest books and their interests and lives.  I also enjoy seeing reviews, what people do and don't like about others' stories.  I don't always comment on the posts, but I may "like" them on Facebook or even share them. 

I've enjoyed blogging here weekly at Killer Hobbies for quite a while now.  I also post monthly blogs on three other sites. 

Some people work things out to get paid for their blogs.  I've not done that, at least not yet.  But write them?  Share what's going on in my world with other people--especially as it relates to my writing?  Oh, yes.  I guess I do it for the fun of it! 

How about you--do you blog?  Do you like to read others' blogs?  I'd imagine so, if you're reading this here!  And do you like to comment on them?


Betty Hechtman said...

Good luck on your blog tour and the new series. Great cover!

Linda O. Johnston said...

Thanks, Betty. I love the cover, too!