Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Here Lies The Body

Doing her part to grow the Early American population:

Here lies the body of Mrs. Mary wife
Of Dea. John Buel Esq. She died
Nov. 4, 1768, Aetat 90
Having had 13 children
101 grandchildren
274 great-grandchildren
40 great-great-grandchildren
410 total.  336 survived her.

I have been talking with a man of considerable media experience who is thinking to make a straight-to-DVD movie of my first published novel, Murder at the War.  This is not the first time there have been approaches, but this talk has gone further than any before.  While it’s still as ephemeral as early-morning dew, at least the grass is genuinely wet, so who knows?  It’s exciting.

This is being posted late because I had an early-morning appointment for a Remicade treatment.  I have psoriatic arthritis, a kind of rheumatoid that is a side-effect of psoriasis among a select few (including a certain professional golfer).  Every six weeks I go to a clinic, get hooked up to an IV line and have an immune-suppressing drug infused into a vein.  I sit in a big, comfy chair and read or stitch and have coffee brought to me and my blood pressure taken a couple of times.  It takes about two and a half hours.  I don’t feel ill afterwards, though it’s making my hair thin somewhat.  Because of the Remicade, my psoriasis has virtually cleared and the damage to my joints has mostly halted.  But thank God for medical insurance, because it costs a lot of money.

When I got home, I had forgotten all about posting.  I went to our building’s regular Tuesday elastic-band stretch session, then over to play golf, then stopped at a local Asian restaurant to order take-out and now here I am, it’s after two, and I only now realized I hadn’t posted anything.

I didn’t make a single par on the golf course, but got a lot of double bogies, which for me is pretty good.


Linda O. Johnston said...

You definitely sound busy on many fronts, Monica! Glad your treatment helps your illness.

Christine Thresh said...

I'm glad you finally remembered. I kept checking here all morning and was worried about you.

Betty Hechtman said...

It sounds like you had a busy day. And your 2 pm is my 11 am, so it hardly seems late at all.