Friday, September 19, 2014

Pictures in Place of Words

I am wound up in the end of WOUND UP IN MURDER. My family is away and there are no distractions. I’m on a roll and I don’t want to get off of it, so this will be a tiny blog entry.

I am just to the big scene when everything comes together. I already have it written down on a yellow legal pad. The trouble is I can’t read my own handwriting. Yikes.

So, instead of writing anything, I thought I would share some pictures of what Vista Del Mar look like.

This is the boardwalk at Vista Del Mar.

This Vista Del Mar building with the guest rooms.

Here's the interior of the Lodge.

Looking back at the coast.


Planner said...

Cool--that's how I pictured it. I want to jump into the pictures and really be there! (I am certain that the man sitting in the lobby is KNITTING!)

Betty Hechtman said...

Planner, it is fun to share the pictures. I'm glad it measures up to what you imagined.

Linda O. Johnston said...


Cazare ieftina said...

Hey! The picures are sooo nice. I am glad you enjoyed it. I can`t wait to see another post of yours.