Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Dental Chair Ideas

Blogging rocks!

What am I blogging about here today?  I'm still not entirely sure, but thinking about it yesterday really helped me get through an unpleasant dental procedure.  Instead of focusing on what was happening to me, I brainstormed about what I'd blog about. 

And it wouldn't be that dental procedure. 

I thought about what I should be doing that day: continuing my final edits on the manuscript for my second Superstition Mystery, which is due on November 1. 

I thought about the promotion I've been doing for my first Superstition Mystery, which will include my Orange County, California, launch party this Saturday at 11 AM at Mystery Ink, in Huntington Beach.  And the article on superstitions that I just sent to Fresh Fiction, although I'm not sure when it'll be up on their website.  And the remaining blogs and articles that I've committed to write, although nothing like the volume I undertook for my wonderful Great Escapes Virtual Book Tour. 

I thought about last weekend, when I attended the Birthday Bash of the Orange County Chapter of Romance Writers of America on Saturday, and the regular meeting of the Los Angeles Chapter on Sunday. 

I thought of my upcoming fun at Bouchercon, which will be in Long Beach next month and the wonderful questions I just received from the moderators of the panel I'll be on at 8:30 on that Saturday morning, "Must Love Dogs and Cats."  Very appropriate, don't you think? 

I told myself I should check to see if there were any superstitions about dentists when I got home, which I did.  I didn't find any, but there are quite a few about teeth.  For example, you can make a baby's teething process easier if you put bag of others' teeth around his neck.  And of course there's the tooth fairy, who leaves money under the pillows of a child in exchange for the baby teeth that fall out.   Oh, and it's good luck to have a gap between your front teeth.  I wonder if orthodontists know they could be ruining their patients' futures.  

Anyway, my procedure was soon over and I was able to leave--to head home and start writing this post! 

How about you--do you find ways to distract yourself in a dentist's chair?


Tracy Weber said...

For me it's headphones, nitrous, and daydreaming.

Linda O. Johnston said...

I was told I could use headphones, Tracy, but chose not to. Good idea, though.

Betty Hechtman said...

I like to think about doing something fun after.

Linda O. Johnston said...

I did that, too, Betty. I stopped at a book store on the way home!

HelenC, UK said...

My ultimate in the dentist chair was when I was a student during my final exams for my degree. I had several consecutive days of three-hour exams in the morning, then fairly major dental work in the afternoon, (two root canal treatments, plus a couple of fillings, as I recall.) I was so glad to just sit and do nothing in the dentist's chair that I dozed off on one afternoon while the dentist was still drilling! I should point out that he was a very gentle and careful dentist whom I trusted completely.

Linda O. Johnston said...

Amazing, HelenC! No way could I have fallen asleep in the chair during my recent work--or anytime I'm getting work done on my teeth. Great to have a dentist that you like and trust.