Friday, November 14, 2014

Better Than Pills

It’s been one of those weeks. In addition to KNOT GUILTY coming out last week, my family’s business has taken a new direction and I am working with them. There was a lot of stress as we got things together to put on a seminar.

Once again it was crochet to the rescue. When I just needed to chill, I worked on the one skein of yarn I bought at the Vogue Live Knitting show a few weeks ago. It was a simple pattern which made it verge on meditation to work on. Better than pills or a glass of wine, it took the edge off and let me slip into a nice relaxed mode.

And the bonus at the end was I had a finished cowl!

I really like cowls. They interfere less than scarves. Scarves, like necklaces, swing forward when you bend. Cowls stay put, add some color and depending on the yarn, can add some warmth. And since they are smaller than scarves, they work up faster. It’s sort of win-win all the way around.


Planner said...

Ooo, pretty colors and nice pattern. Enjoy your cowl!

I finished reading Knot Guilty, and it's a really entertaining read. I hadn't planned to read it so fast, but it was too hard to put down. Thanks for another great adventure!

Linda O. Johnston said...

Glad you have a good stress reliever, Betty. Hugging, and being hugged by, my dogs is mine!