Friday, November 7, 2014

Can It Be November Already?

Another Halloween is done. Our neighbors outdid themselves turning their front yard into a mini town of terror. I didn’t go down the street this year, so all I saw was what was still in the entrance to their yard the next morning – a giant shopping cart filled with naked baby dolls. The shopping cart was definitely a prop from some movie as they have a connection to one of the studios. The front yard had rows and rows of naked baby dolls hanging from a wire. I guess there theme this year was dead babies.

We had over 300 trick or treaters, all served up candy by me. Somehow my family all disappeared when the bell started ringing. There were some interesting costumes. A kid came as a bush. There was another with a big round Jack head like the TV commercials. A number of adults showed up in costume - with trick or treat bags. I guess you are never too hold to need some mini snickers bars.

I did my panel at the Agoura Hills library. I’ve come a long way since I first was on an author panel. I used to worry about my mind going blank when the moderator presented us with a question. Then I realized something by watching other what some authors who will go unnamed, did on panels. They didn’t worry about the question and just said what they wanted to say no matter what.

It’s kind of like what politicians do.

That was my plan this time. I don’t even remember what the question was now, but I talked about going to Writers’ Police Academy and the horrible murder photos a Fort Worth homicide detective showed me. I talked about the real situation with the crocheters and knitters. I thought I’d made it up that crocheters were the poor step sisters in the yarn world, but then I’d learned it was true. I mean, really, a yarn store that has to put a sign that says “Crochet Friendly” in their window?

I will admit I do still get nervous, but not very. The Agoura Hills event was particularly nice for me as there were actual fans of my books who came.

After a few chilly days, it seems like summer has come back. It is easy to forget that it is November. Another year gone whirling by.

And how was your week?


Planner said...

Your neighbor's dead baby theme is really creepy! I know it was Halloween, but it's still really creepy. I think you deserve a chocolate medal for giving out all that candy.

I really like the idea of answering questions your own way. That does take the "performance" pressure off.

My week is great because I'm reading your new book and visiting with my good friends Molly and Adele, et al. It feels so good to visit with them again.

Betty Hechtman said...

Planner, yes,the neighbor's thing was pretty creepy. I talked to some of the kids as I gave out candy and they said it was too scary for them.

I hope you enjoy Knot Guilty!

Miriam Lubet said...

I had a great week because I found your book in my local Barnes & Noble. There were only two left. Now the reading can begin!

Betty Hechtman said...

Miriam, I hope you enjoy the book!

Thanks for being a reader.

Linda O. Johnston said...

It definitely is hard to believe that the year is so nearly over already, Betty. Your Halloween sounds mostly fun. I actually saw a few trick-or-treaters this year at a neighbor's. And glad your Agoura Hills event went well.