Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Pretend It's Tuesday

An early Burma Shave sign (1932):

From New York Town
To Pumpkin Holler
It’s half a pound
For half a dollar
Burma Shave

Here it is Wednesday and I didn’t post an entry on Tuesday – got the days of the week mixed up, I guess.  Tuesday I had to be at my post at Precinct 12 as an election judge at 6 am, and didn’t get home until after nine pm.  I was exhausted and so didn’t get up to go to water aerobics this morning – which kind of threw off my clock or calendar or something.  I beg your pardon, both for missing my day and for posting on Wednesday evening.

So perhaps it isn’t surprising that tomorrow, Thursday, I am going to a clinic to have my head examined – literally.  I’ve been having lapses for some little while, one or two of them serious.  For example, I went to a lively musical both for pleasure and as research for the next Betsy mystery.  But when I woke up the next morning I could not remember anything about it for about fifteen or twenty minutes.  I knew we’d gone out to Excelsior, but not why.  For another example, I have been unable to complete a coherent plot outline for that same mystery novel.  I have an outline, sort of, but when I go to write it down, I mix up the characters and repeat scenes and point only to one suspect instead of two or three.  I’m still myself, I can drive and shop and stitch and cook and tell jokes and converse intelligently with no more than my usual having to pause and search for the right noun.

But I’m a little frightened.  Be thinking of me Thursday.


Christine Thresh said...

I missed you when your post did not show up Tuesday.
Now, I am worried. Please report the results of your exam soon.

Monica Ferris said...

The MRI machines they have today are much bigger than they used to be. Very open. And they put a helmet on me with a kind of double mirror so I could look up but see out at my bent knees and someone sitting at a computer on the other side of a big, tinted-glass window. They played classical music that was often drowned out by a series of guggle-thumps, roaring motor sounds, whine-buzz, and other noises. Took about 45 minutes. No immediate results given, so stand by.

Anonymous said...

I hope everything is okay!

Tracy Weber said...

I hope you're OK. Please keep us updated. Lots of positive energy coming your way.

Linda O. Johnston said...

I'm with everyone who hopes you're okay, Monica. Please let us know how things go.