Tuesday, December 9, 2014

An epitaph from Sheldon, Vermont:
Unknown man shot in
The Jennison & Gallup Co.’s store
while in the act of burglarizing
the safe Oct. 13, 1905.
(Stone bought with money
found on his person.)

My next book, Darned If You Do, has a pub date of February 3 - but my favorite bookstore likes to schedule pub parties on the Saturday after weekday releases. But February 7 is already taken. So I asked my publisher if we could release the books January 31 - and they said yes! So if you want an early copy of Darned If You Do, come to Once Upon A Crime January 31 between noon and 2 pm, for talk and treats.  Once Upon A Crime is a wonderful store, and I have an excellent publisher, bless both OUAC and  Berkley/Prime Crime, a division of Penguin Random.

This is being put up late because I had an early dental appointment that ran long because during a routine cleaning, they found a broken root under my bridge – and also an abscess.  And I had to talk to the dentist and make an appointment to have it fixed.  Ugh, I hate serious dental work.  And the cost is serious, too.

Last Friday I went to my church to set out the Fontanini Christmas creche.  Actually, it’s not just the creche, it’s all of Bethlehem plus a sheepfold on the edge of town with a cascade of angels coming down to scare the shepherds.

I began collecting these pieces thirty years ago and it grew and grew until, when we moved into a smaller place, there was no long any room for it in our new apartment.  So I donated it to St. George’s, who were not only pleased to get it, but asked me to come set it up and take it down every year.  Which I am exceedingly pleased to do.  Sometimes things do work out well.

Fontanini is an Italian company and their pieces, cast in resin, are very detailed and beautiful.  Here are some photos I took.


Linda O. Johnston said...

Congrats on getting your pub party scheduled as you wanted it, Monica. And good luck with your dental work!

Betty Hechtman said...

Your release event sounds very nice. I hope you have a lot of success with it.

Dental work is no fun. I hope yours goes well and doesn't break the bank.

Monica Ferris said...

I forgot to put a title on my post today.

According to the receptionist at my doctor's office, it is going to cost just a little over five thousand dollars for the dental work to be done. :(

Once Upon A Crime always does a good job with pub parties.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Linda -- good luck with your dental work!

Maybe you could feature a creche in your upcoming story.

Monica Ferris said...

you know, maybe I could mention a huge creche setup like mine in this book, to set it up for another book - uh-oh, another Christmas book, which would dismay my editor - and have someone murder the woman setting it up . . .