Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Feeling Gay

From the later thirties:

Mom and Pop
Are feeling gay
Baby said
As plain as day
Burma Shave

Christmas Day is past – though Christmas isn’t over until January 6, which is the real twelfth day of Christmas.

And later this week is New Year’s Eve and Day.  We are having our annual penny-ante poke party Wednesday night.  There will be twelve of us, which is too many for a single table, but three or four of us will repair to Ellen’s office to watch anime movies and talk and maybe play some other electronic games.  The rest of us will, at the start, consult the list of the ranking of hands, but will soon be calling for Indian Chief or seven card stud with deuces and one-eyed jacks wild.  We have been doing this for almost as long as we’ve been married, thirty-five years.

This year I finally finished the second of a pair of Christmas stockings, the one for Panzi, our very senior cat – it was bought when she was a kitten.  The other was for Stinker, who is deceased but by coincidence his successor is Snaps, so the capital S on the stocking still works.  They are needlepoint stockings, expensively bought and even more expensively finished, so nothing is ever put in them.  I am attaching a very bad photo of them.

2014 was an amazing year, full of lots of adventures, one of them very scary.  But it turned out well.  I’m looking forward to 2015, and I hope you all are, too!


Linda O. Johnston said...

Good luck at your party tonight, Monica, and enjoy your New Year!

Christine Thresh said...

You have given me such pleasure for many years. Thank you. Best wishes for a happy new year and many more Betsy books.

Betty Hechtman said...

The stockings are great! Best wishes for the New Year.