Wednesday, December 10, 2014

No Topic in Mind

I sat down at my computer a little while ago knowing I needed to write my blog post for today.  I considered possible topics--and didn't really settle on any of them. 

I thought about what I had been doing this week.  I'd already written one Killer Hobbies post so far in December, and in it I'd discussed our rain in L.A. and how it had led to some Internet problems.  That's still on my mind somewhat but I've moved past it except to worry whether it'll happen again, especially since more rain is expected later this week. I'd imagine my Internet will remain fine, though, considering what was done to fix it last week. 

Well, how about shopping?  I've been doing some of that for the holiday season, but this year my family is most likely going to buy presents only for my young grandsons.  We who are older have collected plenty of stuff and don't need much more.  I did ask my husband to get me a new computer keyboard for the holidays, though, but that's a necessity more than a gift.  Oh, and speaking of shopping, we did get to the local Office Depot with a bunch of printer toner containers to recycle.  I still print out a lot of stuff, especially when I'm starting to edit a manuscript--and with four series to write, I'm creating and editing a lot of manuscripts.  One more item of shopping interest is that we stood in line very early one morning to get an artificial tree from the 99-Cents Store for... 99 cents.   

I've been attending lots of holiday events.  I belong to local chapters of several writers' organizations such as Sisters in Crime, Mystery Writers of America and Romance Writers of America, and the parties have begun.  Plus, I've continued to make myself available to talk individually or on panels, and that has continued during the holiday season.  The alumni group of the company I used to work for as an in-house attorney has a holiday lunch today, so I'll be there, of course. 

It dawned on me that one reason I didn't come up first thing with a topic is that I just spent some time composing the first draft of the holiday letter we send out with some of our seasons' greetings cards.  But then again, I write so much in so many different kinds of formats--fiction manuscripts and blogs and more--that adding another item to the itinerary wasn't likely to be a final straw in messing up my mind. 

And speaking of blogs, I'm hanging my head in shame since I missed a post for one of the organizations I blog for monthly.  My excuse was that I was preparing for and attending one of those talks, but I shouldn't have missed it anyway.  Sigh.  But one thing I can do is to tell you here to visit the Killer Characters blog every day this month and leave a comment.  I blog there on the 18th of each month, and all of us who blog on Killer Characters are having a drawing for one of our books on the day we post in December. 

Hey, know what?  I think I've written a whole lot here for my blog post today, even though I didn't really have a topic--except that I didn't know what to write about.  Maybe I'll do this again some day!


Betty Hechtman said...

I agree with you about the holiday gifts. The only thing I want is an wrist rest for my computer because the one I have fell apart.

Linda O. Johnston said...

I didn't realize there were wrist rests, Betty, but that sounds like a good idea.