Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Family Visit

Today my mood is understandably strange:  a current of sadness tempered by some acceptance and even a hint of okayness.  My visiting son, daughter-in-law and two toddler grandsons left yesterday. 

They were visiting us in L.A. for about a week, leaving their cold Midwest home for a late holiday celebration, and was it ever fun!  One guy is 2-1/2 and the other 1-1/2, and they both enjoy exploring and testing everything. 

I did get a teensy amount of writing stuff accomplished, but far from what I usually do in a week.  The timing turned out well since I just received comments back on my manuscript due February 1 from a couple of friends who read and critiqued it for me.  I should have time to incorporate their suggestions, revise, and get the MS to the publisher in time. 

One thing I did was to do a revised draft of a proposal that's also due February 1.  It required a lot less work, and it's not yet finished, either, but I think I can get it done, too. 

A manuscript for yet another story is on its way to me with editorial comments and revision requests.  So, it sounds as if I'd better get back into my writing! 

On the other hand, I'm also making plans to go visit these family members sometime in the near future--although not while it's still winter in the Midwest.  Those so far elusive plans help to ease my missing them all... kinda.  We've spoken with them on their way home but it's not the same thing as holding a conversation with the little guys about the choo-choo trains they've been playing with or the inflatable Mickey Mouse or the educational cartoon they've been watching on TV, or taking a drive or a walk, or...
Okay, now, back to work so I can stop fretting for a few moments at least.

Are you missing anyone you saw over the holidays?


Betty Hechtman said...

Linda, I'm in the cold midwest your family is on their way back to. I think it is 18 degrees outside. I can see why you want to time a visit to a warmer time.

Linda O. Johnston said...

Yikes, Betty. It's 71 degrees now in the part of LA where I live. I looked up my family's town on the Internet when I knew they were driving there from the airport last night and it was -6 degrees. When I lived in the east I didn't mind the cold as much as the snow and ice, though.