Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Technical Difficulties

This isn't the first time I've griped about my lack of technological knowledge here on Killer Hobbies.  But here I am, doing it again.  That's because I'm writing this on my regular computer right before I have to take it to the Geek Squad to have it fixed, and I've no idea how long that will take.  At the moment, it's acting fine, but if I leave it on for a while it starts making a pulsing noise that I first mistook for a car engine outside revving rhythmically.  My husband called to make an appointment to have it looked at and was told it sounded as if it was overheating, possibly thanks to dust inside, so he cleaned it.  Turned out the "dust" included dog hair, and possibly some of mine.  And at first, once it was clean, all seemed fine... for maybe three hours, then the pulsing started all over again.

So wish me luck.  I'll be using one of our laptops for now both to get online and to write.  But I like things as they are and will miss my regular computer.

How are all your technological assistants?


Ellen said...

My main hard drive apparently got drunk last week, and has become almost completely useless. Fortunately, I keep backups of both the program disks, and the data, so I only lost about two days of minor fooling around. It's back to work now. Educated, well-aimed paranoia for the win!

Linda O. Johnston said...

Glad things are improving, Ellen. Some friends gave additional cleaning instructions and that helped my computer for a while, but I've had to let it rest twice today to cool down. I may need to have it visit the Geek Squad yet--or maybe replace it. (Sigh.) But fortunately I've got backups, too.

Ellen said...

Your computer may need to be opened up and cleaned inside. I hadn't had mine open for months and months, and it was horrible. The fan screens looked like a lint trap in a dryer.

Open it if you dare, have a geek you trust open it if you daren't, and take it to the Geek Squad otherwise.