Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Back From Malice

Another one of my many conferences this year is over.   

Malice Domestic was fun! 

First of all, I was able to participate in Malice Go Round despite being on the authors' waiting list.  I was number two on the list, and apparently number one had dropped out, plus there was room for a few more.  I was delighted to be one of the authors involved, although I also felt somewhat bad that the airline flight of a couple of author friends had been cancelled and they therefore did not attend the conference.  I hoped one was not the direct result of the other! 

What's Malice Go Round?  It's a large session at which readers sit at tables while authors, two at a time, sit down with them and get to talk about their work for two minutes apiece before moving on to the next table.  It's exhausting, but definitely a great time!   

My panel was The "Paws" that Refresh: Four Legged Detectives and Their Sidekicks.  All the authors on the panel discussed their cozy mysteries where pets are an important part of the story, even though, in most cases, they aren't really the detectives. 

My new book BITE THE BISCUIT--and, yes, it involves dogs--is actually a May 8 release, but it was not only available there; I was also able to participate in a giveaway of copies at a special dessert session hosted by my publisher Midnight Ink, which is celebrating its tenth birthday.  I also did a signing after my panel.   

There were additionally parties and meals and fun just hanging out at the bar in the hotel lobby talking with people.   

And among those I saw and chatted with were fellow Killer Hobbyists Betty Hechtman and Tracy Weber! 

In all, it was a wonderful event.  I've attended it before, and hope to again next year.


Betty Hechtman said...

Congtats on your release. How nice that you could celebrate it at Malice. The dessert party sounds like fun, sorry I missed it.

Linda O. Johnston said...

Thanks, Betty. Yes, it was a fun and tasty, but brief, party!

Cynthia Kuhn said...

You were GREAT at the Go Round, Linda. And what a pleasure to meet you. Happy book birthday!

Linda O. Johnston said...

Thank you so much, Cynthia! I enjoyed meeting you, too.

Linda O. Johnston said...
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