Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Dog Sense

No one who knows me or reads nearly any of my writing isn't surprised to know I'm an animal lover, especially dogs.  And most particularly my own dogs, Lexie and Mystie, who are Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

Yesterday, Lexie surprised me by her level of knowledge of what I was doing.   

I include recipes in my Barkery and Biscuits Mysteries, even though I'm not much of a cook or baker myself.  The dog treat recipe in the first in the series, Bite the Biscuit, was provided by a friend, whom I was with when a sample batch was baked.  The ones I'm including in the next book in the series, which will probably be called Treachery and Treats, were provided by a couple of Facebook friends on my street team, and I wanted to try them out before putting them in the book.  I got the ingredients and started baking one of them yesterday. 

As soon as I started, Lexie was there, begging and acting as if she knew exactly what I was doing--baking treats for her.  Sure, she must have smelled the ingredients.  But when I cook people items for dinner she doesn't act a fraction that excited.  This time she even went into my husband's home office and started talking to him, as if telling him what was going on and encouraging him to visit me and tell me to give her a treat--even as they were just starting to cook.  There was no meat involved, just good, wholesome baking ingredients.  How did she know I was doing something different from my norm: cooking something not particularly for humans but for her?   

When the cookies were complete Lexie did indeed get a sample.  Several samples.  Even Mystie got a little, although she has a chronic tummy issue which prevents me from giving her much of anything outside her prescribed food.   

Both dogs surprise me, though.  Mystie's favorite toys are rubber chickens that squeak.  The other day we were out shopping and found a variation on them--a squeaky rubber chicken decorated as a pirate.  We bought one, of course, and didn't intend to give it to her immediately, but she smelled the toy and insisted... and so we obeyed. 

I always knew doggy noses were amazing.  I can sort of understand why Mystie knew the toy was hers, assuming its scent was similar enough to her existing ones. 

But how did Lexie know I was about to bake dog treats?


Janet Cantrell said...

I know that my last Golden read my mind. I would be sitting reading a book and would THINK that maybe we should take a walk soon. She would start bouncing up and down--she knew!

Betty Hechtman said...

Linda, I have heard that dogs can see what you are seeing in your mind. What an adorable picture!

Linda O. Johnston said...

I love the concept of dogs reading our minds, Janet and Betty. I'm usually in the position of reading theirs, or at least following their commands, so it's fun to think it works both ways. And thanks, Betty, for your compliment about Lexie's picture!