Wednesday, June 3, 2015

My Next Project

I did it!

If you happen to have read my Monday post at InkSpot, the blog for Midnight Ink writers, you'll know that I met my June 1 deadline for the manuscript for my second Barkery & Biscuits Mystery.  I still have some odds and ends to accomplish with it, including providing an acknowledgment, dedication, and recipes.  I've already received some great-sounding recipes for dog treats from some online friends, but I want to give them a try before sending them along for publication.  In any event, with all I had going on last month I'm really pleased that I was able to meet that deadline.

Right now, I have a looming deadline for the edits for the second Superstition Mystery, KNOCK ON WOOD, but don't anticipate any problems with it.

And my next writing deadline after that?  It's for my third Superstition Mystery.  I started thinking about that one evening as I was finishing the Barkery manuscript and my subconscious mind, as usual, started its routine as I took a bath.  I came up with a plot idea I really liked and wrote it down on a notecard before I went to bed.

But the next morning I checked my computer files and I already had jotted down an idea for book number three.  I still loved my idea from the night before, but thought that the one I'd previously come up with would work better for this particular slot. 

So, I now have to flesh it out... then write the story. 

And that other new idea?  As I said, the next one I need to write is number three in the Superstition Mystery series and it's the last there's a current commitment for.  But with that fourth idea, now I've got yet another reason to cross my fingers that the series continues!

What are your fingers crossed about this week?


Betty Hechtman said...

Great that you made your deadline! I am amazed at how many projects you are able to juggle. You are an inspiration

Linda O. Johnston said...

Thanks, Betty. You're quite an inspiration, too, with your wonderful writing, your handcrafts, your family business and your travels!