Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Website Help

After last week and not having a particular topic to talk about, I decided to ask for some suggestions this week--not about blog topics, but websites.

I'm not especially techie.  And now I'm in search of some assistance.

Why?  Because readers get to know us by our websites.  Hey, I get to know myself by my website!

So here's the situation.  I've had the same webmistress for many years, and have been highly pleased with her.  But she has decided to get out of the business.  She made some general suggestions about who might be able to take over hosting and maintenance but none looked as if it would work for me.

I've gotten some suggestions from writer friends as well as a publicist friend, and I do have several possibilities that might work out well.  But I haven't reached a decision yet.  I'm still looking.

I may need a redesign.  I definitely need a web host.  And I also need someone to maintain it for me since, even if I learn something techie, I won't be able to do it all myself.

I realize that undertaking a redesign of my site might look a bit daunting to some web folks, though.  I'm in the fun position of having had a lot of books published, and of course they each need a presence on my website.

So... any suggestions?   I need to figure this out fairly soon.  If you have a website that's designed, hosted and maintained by someone you're happy with, please let me know who it is.   Pretty please?  Thanks!

It'll be fun to get back to concentrating on my writing.





Betty Hechtman said...

The usual advice is check out websites and when you see one you like find out who handles it.

These days we have to wear so many hats.

Linda O. Johnston said...

Yep, I've been doing that, Betty, and got a couple of good ideas that way. I'll probably go with one of them but since this will be a long-time commitment (I hope) I want to check out as many possibilities as possible.

Gerard Reese said...

Hey, I feel your pain. I am the exact opposite of a techie and can barely manage a few HTML tags. LOL. I’m sorry that you’re losing your webmistress, that really sucks. I don’t have any suggestions, because as I said, I am not the best when it comes to this kind of thing. Just wanted to let you know that you’re not alone and I wish you much luck in finding someone who will be able to help!

Gerard Reese @ Kafe Digital Marketing

Brenda said...

I've been here myself, what I did was actually try and learn it all and become my own webmaster! Web hosting is cheap, the support is often really good and will install your site on their server. Then just buy a website theme and modify it as you see fit. Its valuable knowledge, and can be satisfying.

Brenda @ Firs Marketing

Forrest Bates said...

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