Friday, August 7, 2015

The Donald Encounter

In honor of the debate which will be over when anyone reads this, I thought I would tell my Donald Trump story. I don’t remember how long ago this happened, but I was in Chicago at Macy’s/Marshall Fields and saw a sign announcing that Donald Trump was going to be signing his cologne. The time listed was close and I decided to hang around and watch the action.

His signing was in the cosmetic department on the first floor. The upper floors go around an atrium, so from the second floor I could look down and see the whole cosmetic area. The time came and went when he was supposed to come and he didn’t show. There was an announcement that he was delayed. By then I’d invested enough time waiting that I figured I’d wait a little longer.

He finally arrived wearing his yellow hair, a suit and a tie that was too long, along with his usual look of pouty disdain. He had a mini entourage and waved as he walked down the main aisle of the store as if there was a huge crowd waiting for him. There wasn’t. They set him up at the cologne counter and a few people got in line. It seemed like the anticipation of his arrival was more exciting than when he was actually there. Watching him sign cologne boxes was right up there with watching paint dry. I decided I’d seen enough and went down to the first floor prepared to exit the store.

The main aisle intersected a small aisle that led to where he was ensconced. The woman ahead of me stopped when she got in view of Trump. With her hand on her hip, in full attitude she said “Man, is he ugly.”

I don’t know if Donald Trump heard her, but if he did, he was probably nodding his head with pleasure at the comment. He’s just about attention, no matter what kind.


Linda O. Johnston said...

Interesting encounter, Betty. Could you see him becoming our president? Maybe he'd sign cologne packages while in office.

Betty Hechtman said...

I certainly hope he doesn't become president.